▷ How to create, modify and delete partitions in Linux step by step

Work with partitions under linux Today it is easy thanks to programs that we can use with a graphical interface. The most popular is GParted as it is available for most distributions.

How to create, modify and delete partitions in Linux step by step


If we are going to use GParted we must take into account that we can never use it on the partition in which we are. This is for security and stability issues.

If we don’t have GParted installed, we can do it as simply as typing in our terminal:

sudo apt install gparted

The most popular way to work with partitions in Linux

Once installed we start it and the first thing we are going to do is find the disk or partition on which we want to work. For this we must click on the drop-down menu that appears on the right (see point 1 in the previous image). This will show us the available disks – the partitions.

To create a partition, in our example we will select a USB key. We right click on it (see point 2 of the image) and then we choose the option to unmount —either the drive or the partition—. Then we again right-click on the drive – partition and choose the “Format as” option. In the submenu we choose the type of partition, in this example “EXT3”. All that remains is to apply the modifications, and for this we click on the “check mark” icon (point 3 in the image).

The time required for the whole process varies depending on the size of the partition – disk and the processing power of our equipment. The result will be similar to the report we see in the following image:

GParted report

Create and edit partitions under linux it’s similar, but what if we want to delete a partition or a drive? It’s as simple as selecting it, then we click on the trash can icon that appears at the top of the program.

We must remember that once the task is launched, all data on the disk or partition will be deleted. That’s why we have to make sure before we can use this device without problems. And it is no less important to confirm that we are using the correct device, that is, not to confuse the primary disk with a secondary or USB memory.

Do you have any questions for us regarding the use of GParted, or the creation – modification and deletion of partitions? Don’t forget that you can use the comments section to write to us. We will be happy to help you.