▷ Technology for Online Education » 【2022】

Due to the long-established pandemic situation, digitization has gained great momentum not only in teleworking, but also in conducting private lessons online. And it is that this modality of reinforcement of the subjects is more comfortable and flexible, because in addition to not having to move from home and therefore saving the study, there are many resources that ensure the quality of the road in line.

With this, it doesn’t matter if the subject is science, math or technology; topics that are usually distinguished by the need for face-to-face external support, because can be implemented with heavy doses of curiosity and reinforcement with gamification resourcesfor example.

Benefits of private lessons in line

Unlike physical private lessons, in lessons in line it improves the use of external tools different from classic notebook or book to learn more about science, math, technology or any other subject.

  • media resources. In progress in line You have access to a large number of media that support learning: videos, images, interactive tools, assessment tests, tutorials or gamification media with which to have fun while learning.
  • Viable for any educational stage. No matter what stage the student is at, it’s practical from beginning to more advanced training: Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate, University, FP and even languages.
  • Cheapest option. Because you can connect from home, you’ll save the cost of public transport or merchandise.
  • Flexible hours. You can choose the time slot that best suits your needs, so that you can make other extracurricular courses or personal commitments compatible, avoiding setbacks.
  • trial guarantee. Before continuing permanently in a place, as is often the case in academies or training centers, you can make the payment after having tried the first course and meeting the teacher (in case you are not satisfied with their method and prefer to replace it with another ). Once taught, you can purchase 10 hour bonuses in the courses and distribute them as you wish.
  • individualized method. You will have a personal educational advisor who will assess and follow up, so that it can be adapted to each person’s personality and needs.

In masquerades they know how to take advantage of private lessons in linesince they have a system that guarantees security in this area, through interviews with each teacher which is part of the platform, as well as its supervision. The teaching staff will know how to guide you or your son or daughter in strengthening their knowledge, acting as a personal advisor with the needs of each.

This organization also offers the peace of mind that, If you don’t like the way the teacher teaches the lessons, they can be replaced. The platform also offers the possibility of private lessons at home in the Community of Madrid.

If you are having difficulty getting around or transferring your children to an academy or a space in which to give private lessons, a good option to value are private lessons in linewith which you will save time, money and add quality to education through digital resources that encourage curiosity.