10 tips for those who have lost their sound

kak-vernut-zvuk-on-propal-v-naushnikah-na-telefoneGood health to all!

In general, the phone, judging by the statistics, is much more reliable in terms of sound than a PC (this is on Windows – either the wrong sound card is selected, something is connected incorrectly, something is wrong not in the BIOS, etc.). However, no problem-free gadget has yet been created …

In this short note, I have decided to collect the top 10 tips and tricks that help to fix the issue of no sound in phone headphones with little blood. I don’t claim to be the ultimate truth, but the following “trifle” covers most of the causes of the current problem. So… 👌

Let’s get to the subject…


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How to return the “missing” sound to the headphones: what to look for

👉 Tip 1

The first recommendation is banal and simple – try recharge call and check settings ring. Maybe a “silent” mode is enabled in the phone settings.

Also, watch the volume level directly in the app playing your MP3 file, or the radio, or whatever… 👌

Sound Settings - Android 9.0

Sound Settings – Android 9.0


👉 Tip 2

If you have wired headphones, pay attention to the condition of the wire, especially near the jack (👇).

Very often in this place, due to constant bends, the copper veins break and the contact becomes unstable. If you move the thread a little (in this location) – you can have a sound for a while (then the reason is obvious)!

Frequent fracture site

Frequent fracture site

In any case, it is recommended to double-check the headphones on another phone / PC / laptop (known to work).

📌 To help!

How to connect headphones with a microphone to a computer or laptop


👉 Tip 3

Pay attention to the audio jack, did something get into it? Often dust gets in there, bits of wire swung out (from the pocket you carry it in), and other junk…

To clean it, we recommend the following:

  1. take an ordinary toothpick and wrap its end with cotton wool;
  2. then dip it in alcohol;
  3. then, gently insert the toothpick into the audio jack and perform a few rotational movements;
  4. as a rule, all dust and debris settles on the cotton. By the way, if after the first cleaning it was dirty, the procedure should be repeated …
Is there any foreign debris in the connector

Are there foreign objects in the connector?


👉 Tip 4

On the top panel, when the headphone jack is connected, the corresponding icon should light up. Moreover, in 98% of cases whether the headphones themselves or the wire work: the main thing is that the audio jack and the socket are in order.

If that doesn’t happen, chances are the audio connector is faulty and needs to be replaced…

Headset icon / top bar

Headset icon / top panel


👉 Tip 5

If we are talking about wireless headphones, check if they are charged (usually when they are turned on, the LED lights up).

By the way, new headphones are usually always empty “to zero” (for security reasons).


📌 To help!

Wireless earphone not working, stopped playing sound – https://ocomp.info/ne-rab-besprovodnoy-naushnik.html

Is the headset on - pay attention to the indicator

Is the headset on – pay attention to the indicator


👉 Tip 6

Using a headset that has previously automatically connected to another phone via Bluetooth may cause the pairing function to disconnect as soon as the devices are turned on.

Try to start pairing manually: press and hold the power button until the blue-red light starts flashing…

Turn on the headset

Turn on the headset


👉 Tip 7

Check in your phone settings if Bluetooth is activated and if the headphones are visible in the list of connected devices (relevant for wireless headphones).

In general, I would recommend doing the following:

  1. delete everything from the list of Bluetooth devices: headphones, microphones, etc. gadgets that you have previously connected to the phone;
  2. afterwards, deactivate Bluetooth in the phone settings;
  3. restart the device;
  4. then reactivate Bluetooth and perform the pairing procedure with the headset…
Settings - device connection - Bluetooth

Settings – device connection – Bluetooth


👉 Tip 8

If you use adapters to connect headphones, be careful with them… 👀

Not all are backward compatible and suitable for all phone models. On the same Xiaomi, you often have to deal with “chips” from the manufacturer, whose devices require “native” adapters and adapters…




👉 Tip 9

It will not be superfluous to try to connect a working headset to the phone. (also, if the wired model stopped working for you earlier, you should try the wireless / and vice versa… -//-).

The main thing is here discover: If the headset will work with a different interface. If everything is “OK” – then it can stop on it …? Well, you can order cheap headphones from Chinese online stores, links below.

📌 To help!

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👉 Tip 10

If your phone is infected with viruses, critical system errors, glitches, etc., you should try to factory reset the device. (important: this will wipe and delete contacts and files from phone memory – make a backup in advance).

📌 To help!

How? ‘Or’ What reset android settings at the factory [Hard Reset] (i.e. delete all data from phone, tablet).


If you managed to solve the problem differently, let me know in the comments (thanks in advance).

That’s all for now, good luck!


First publication: 04/18/2020

Corrected: 01/30/2022

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