10 tips for Windows 11 that will save you every day

Windows 11 was a surprise when we were all used to windows 10. Over time, some of us have updated Windows and taken advantage of features like the new Start menu, widgets, or Android app support. But beyond what is announced by Microsoft, there are new tips for Windows 11 every day, small discoveries that they make our daily lives easier.

As usual in Windows, things can always be done in several ways. And it’s possible that what you’re doing somehow has a shortcut or a trick that you did not know and that will save you time, it will be more comfortable for you or, directly, it will give you access to the options you were looking for and you didn’t know where they were.

So without further ado, here are some tricks for Windows 11 with which everything will be easier, faster and more comfortable. We do not know for how long We’ll be using Windows 11, but we know that once you understand these tips, there’s no going back.

The Secret Start Menu

One of the new features of Windows 11 is its revamped start menu. Instead of the usual menu, you will now see a window with search engine and shortcuts the applications you have installed and the last documents you have used. From there, search for what you want in the search engine and it will appear instantly.

But as a second option you have a start menu alternative or secret. Its purpose is to show all the Windows tools and functions that we usually need on certain occasions and that are not always in the foreground. This secret Start menu is very simple, a list that includes Windows Terminal, Computer Management, System, Run, Task Manager, Power Options, etc. Basically everything you had on hand in the already abandoned Control Panel and what is this for customize Windows.