3 extraordinary series based on podcasts

Podcast-based series are the latest trend after this heir to radio became a tool that greatly appeals to much of the multi-screen generation. A refined way of disseminating information in a simple and accessible way, it is the ideal medium for a new type of content. stories, true crime, fiction until the use of its possibilities of diffusion to deepen didactic subjects, the podcast is an acquired taste. Additionally, its flexibility to become an accessible resource for all types of creators in the area of ​​interest makes it a medium yet to be explored.

But even more interestingly, it turns out when the podcast is combined with another platform or medium. It’s already a common fact these days that the content of some of the most interesting online programs has made the leap to multi-screen. From series to documentaries, including great arguments, exciting stories or high-profile reports. Podcast-based series are part of the creation process for some of the most popular TV and streaming shows.

In particular, subscription platforms seem to have found in podcast-based series a fertile space for creativity and, above all, media mixing. Over the past five years and with increasing frequency, the stories of the most interesting, bizarre, and intriguing podcasts have reached scripts of prodigious quality. This is not an unexpected phenomenon, but perhaps, the most natural transformation of podcast content into new media. An evolution that makes audiovisual part of the increasingly rapid transformation of the podcast towards an increasingly important and heavy format.

Currently, many of the most successful streaming series have their origins in the world of podcasts. We tell you what they are and on which platforms you can see them. A look at a new world fueling two high-caliber pop culture events of far-reaching future significance.

file 81

The podcast created by Dan Powell and Marc Sollinger has become an event of considerable interest since its first chapter. Based on the procedural format of an anthology case, it became a curiosity by transferring the concept of found footage to recording. As its seasons became more convoluted, it became a landmark of fantasy and horror in the podcast world.