3 new things that should arrive on the Apple Watch in 2022


Apple’s new generation of smartwatches will have longer battery life and more health-related functions.

It was recently discovered that Apple will stop marketing its Apple Watch Series 3 throughout this year, the company with the bitten apple logo is already planning to launch a new version of its smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 8and will implement all sorts of novelties at the hardware and software level.

Apple showed off its Apple Watch Series 7 in late 2021 at its “California Streaming” event, and its stock sold out in no time. The smartwatch hit the market with the same cyclic design as previous generations, with a new fast-charging architecture, larger screen and S7 chip. Now well, What new features will the Cupertino company introduce in its Apple Watch 2022?

Apple smartwatches have always been characterized by a wide range of health-related functions, so it is expected that this year the Apple Watch Series 8 will have many more surprises in this regard. Additionally, it will have longer battery life and other new features which we will talk about below.

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All the news that could reach the Apple Watch of 2022

Since the launch of the original Apple Watch model in 2014, the Apple smartwatch has come a long way. The first version was a simple iPhone extension to send messages and receive notifications. Today, the Apple Watch saves lives. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 still has a long way to go.

Read on to find out what they might be. the new features that would land with the Apple Watch Series 8 at the end of this year 2022.

1. Greater autonomy

apple watch

Apple Watch Series 7 promotional image

Battery life is one of the features that Apple often improves not only in its Apple Watch, but in the rest of its product lines. The current generation smartwatch battery lasts about a day and a half without charging. Of course, it depends on what you’re using it for.

It would be very interesting if Apple improved the battery capacity of its Apple Watch Series 8 so that its duration can be up to two days. This would allow the smartwatch to offer better sleep tracking. The Apple Watch Series 7 battery has not been improved, charging has simply been simplified so that it has more speed. It is therefore very likely that this 2022 the new smartwatch will have greater autonomy.

2. Smoother connectivity with U1 chip

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A user using his Apple Watch while exercising

Apple’s ultra-wideband U1 chip enables more accurate location tracking of devices. It is currently available in products such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7. As they say from CNET, one of the uses data to this chip is to improve the communication between two devices present in the same room.

For example, it makes AirDrop much faster or improves the way audio transfers between iPhone and HomePod.

We expect the U1 (or U2) chip in the Apple Watch Series 8 to continue to evolve and offer even more services. Ultra-wideband connectivity could bring an extra layer of intelligence to the smartwatch by making it devices close to the user react to their presence. Say your TV turns on automatically when you get home, your Apple TV opens the Netflix app when you’re sitting on the couch, or your HomePod speaker plays songs when you’re in the kitchen. All thanks to the identification of the location of the Apple Watch Series 8.

3. More detailed sleep monitoring

Apple Watch sensors

The latest Apple Watch models have the ability to track sleep through sleep mode. But this is very superficial monitoring. Yes, it is able to measure sleep duration, time users spend in bed, and other patterns such as breathing level. But the new generation of Apple Watch from 2022 could take sleep monitoring much further.

It would be great if the Apple Watch Series 8 had enough technology to differentiate the stages of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. This could be very useful for many users, who would have the pleasant possibility of seeing a summary of their sleep phases each time they wake up.

Other additional information related to sleep monitoring such as how much a user has moved while sleeping or in what position It would also be a great help and let users understand why they sometimes wake up and feel tired or certain body parts like their back pain.

Some wearables are even able to measure heart rate and body temperature during sleep. Why couldn’t the 2022 Apple Watch do that too?

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These are all the Apple Watch features we expect to see come to new Apple smartwatches in 2022. The Apple Watch Series 8 will improve on the Apple Watch Series 7 in many ways. Especially at the level of health and at the level of exercises, Apple will include many new functions that will allow users to enjoy their watch and better analyze the behavior of their body in different situations. Of course, the new generation will also facilitate the diagnosis of diseases.

Usually, the Apple logo signature usually introduces its new Apple Watch models at a special event held at fall. This year will probably be no exception. However, it is possible that we will start to discover some news regarding the Apple Watch Series 8 during the WWDC conference which will be held around June 2022. What do you think of all the rumors circulating about the Apple Watch Series 8 and its possible topicality? ?

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