3 things about the iPhone that Android users hate

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We go over some of the arguments Android users have for not buying an iPhone: they hate this stuff on iOS.

The current smartphone market is divided into two fronts, on the one hand iOS on the iPhone and on the other hand the rest of the brands with Android. This creates an obvious rivalry between the two types of users and a kind of battle between the two parties. In this case, we focused on some iPhone Features Android Users Hate and that may be one reason why they don’t take the leap.

Surely you have heard many of these complaints, even some more like customization themewhich has changed especially with iOS 16 by allowing lock screen customization like never before.

Here are some arguments of Android users against the iPhone

The keyboard

One of the essential aspects of a smartphone is the keyboard and although the iPhone keyboard works perfectly, Android users complain about the lack of customization. The official Apple Keyboard for iOS doesn’t offer too many extra features, beyond autocorrect, emojis, or voice dictation.

Luckily, this has an easy fix. For several generations of iOS you can change the default keyboard, we can even install Google’s Gboard, a keyboard with functions almost identical to those of the Android keyboard. In this case, Apple chooses to keep it simple, just like with the camera app, giving developers the option to offer additional features.

This is the current iPhone keyboard

File management

Apple has never been a friend of file management in iOS, although we have long a fairly complete Files application on iPhone from which to be able to save files to the memory of the iPhone and even synchronize various services in the cloud. Again, it’s a simple app, although in this case we don’t have more complex alternatives available in the App Store.

Although it is true that this This is something that very few users use on a daily basis, in Android we have a file system closer to what we would have on a computer. The Files app is simpler and easier to use, and it also has some restrictions when it comes to allowing apps to access certain files.

The iOS Files app is sufficient for most users

The app library

The arrival of the App Library was a significant change in iOS, for the first time we couldn’t have all the apps on the main screen, we could delete them to access them only from the application library. Something similar to the app drawer that many versions of Android have.

However, Google system users are complaining about the lack of customization offered by the iOS App Library, and they are right. iOS library apps they are organized automatically without the user being able to customize the foldersso it is not as useful as Android’s.

This is the app library we have in iOS

As can be seen, these are valid arguments, even if they seem to come from fairly expert and demanding users. A large majority of people prefer a simpler, easier-to-use system, even if they lose features along the way. Even so, these are aspects that Apple could improve in future iOS updates.

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