4 films and a blasphemous series to watch on Netflix this Easter

Often, the great commemorations of Catholicism create an inevitable climate of recollection and spirituality. One, which even includes a good deal of pop culture. It is already traditional that a good part of television and in certain countries of the world, the cinema is full of names of great religious films. Successes that tell, for better or for worse, the connotation of the divine in our lives. Streaming is open ground for another point of view. Especially one that can be shocking and shocking. Netflix movies and series are perfect for this content.

What if you want to see profanity or heretical content? It is a curious decision which also has a complicated, strange and singular relationship with a certain subversive thought. And what better place to find something similar than on the big online platforms? It’s a tour of the best and weirdest of how to understand cinematic language about faith. Also, his way of diving into the human and the divine.

We leave you with five suggestions of blasphemous content that you can see on Netflix at Easter. From films that poke fun at the biggest names in religion, to a series that uses religion for surprising purposes. You will be intrigued by all that the Netflix catalog can show you about this dark side of religion, which you may not yet know enough about.

the warrior nun

Ava (Alba Batista) has a mission. Or at least he stumbled upon her after her death and was resurrected in the midst of an apocalyptic conflict. The series, based on the comic book of the same name by Ben Dunn, tells the story of the eternal struggle between good and evil. But he does it from a different angle, hooligan and, yes, mostly blasphemous.

Much of the Netflix series’ effectiveness lies in the way it uses the symbols of Catholicism in fight and death scenes. Also, in his ability to turn them into a weird combination of weapon versions, defense methods, and a singular version of good.