4 mobile apps to improve your productivity


Working methodologies have changed a lot with the use of digital. These changes they change the way we work, allowing us to improve the productivity of our tasks and reduce the time we spend on it.

Traditional offices and the physical format have been converted into digital spaces where you can have everything you need on your computer or mobile. However, having everything on the same device and without physical format, allows us to forget some necessary elements of daily work.

For this reason, we have compiled 4 mobile applications that allow you to optimize time and do a better job, improve your productivity to give you 100% of yourself every day. Want to know more? Well keep reading!

4 mobile apps to improve your productivity

Your customizable calendar: Any.do

Do you have difficulty organizing your time and tasks? Any.do is the perfect tool for you.

You can create a customizable calendar for any type of commitment or work you do. This app helps you create lists, distribute tasks for you and your team, and let you know what you need to accomplish with a deadline.


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Your leisure calendar: CloudCal

Work often absorbs us and does not let us enjoy our hobbies, which is why CloudCal is a different calendar.

This app helps you organize free time, to dedicate yourself to doing what you love and to healthy activities like walking or going to the gym. You will be able to schedule all the tasks you need, in addition to being able to indicate the schedules in which you work.

An advantage of this application is that you can synchronize your appointments from Google Calendar, Outlook, Facebook and Trello.

Not a Single Unanswered Email: Spark

The accumulation of e-mails is a source of stress and problems. The solution comes in APP format with Spark, available for iOS and Mac.

This application allows you to be up to date with your emails and will allow you to have the most orderly mail. Sync Spark with all major email platforms or create a brand new account using your own URL.

Spark categorizes priority emails and lets you schedule message delivery. You can also automatically respond to common requests and sync appointments and meetings from your calendar.

Its interface favors agility by offering shortcuts and widgets for better organization. With a simple gesture, your messages will be archived, highlighted or forwarded to the contact you need.


Total Concentration: Knocked Down

Can’t resist responding to those Whatsapps and notifications coming your way? This is your app.

Flipd blocks access to different apps and program predefined and automatic responses for the calls and messages we receive during the time we want to be focused.

This application is responsible for preventing you from directly accessing certain applications that can distract you from your work. The blocking it performs is not absolute, you can make emergency calls when needed, but the proposal is based on forcing you to concentrate. If you are easily distracted, this is your app.


We hope that this selection of 4 Apps has interested you. So, if you want to know more about this type of apps, don’t miss the webinar offered by Samsung: Productivity Apps with Galaxy. Register quickly because places are limited!