5 Awesome Gadgets and Tech You Can Find in Anime

Anime is such a cutting-edge medium that it constantly exposes us to some of the coolest technology. Wacky weapons, robot companions, weird pods and cutting-edge gaming devices are just a few of the gadgets that will delight the most tech-obsessed.

Many would like this to become a reality, but at the moment the technology has not evolved much. However, the wide variety of devices that exist makes it possible to enjoy all kinds of entertainment.


anime girl

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In this article, we take a look at some innovative gadgets that the anime featured:

three-dimensional maneuvering equipment

Attack on Titan features some of the coolest tech ever seen in anime. Humans face the fearsome and gigantic Titans, so they are at a great disadvantage. 3D maneuver gear was invented to give human fighters a fighting chance. It is incredibly difficult to control, but offers the user great mobility.

millionaire phone

Cell phones are incredibly common gadgets because everyone has one. But how many phones in circulation are charged with 10 billion yen?

Well, in the Eden of the East, there are 12 chosen ones known as Seleção, each with these phones. They are free to do whatever they want with those funds. It’s the coolest technology for anyone who wants to be an instant billionaire. It can also be dangerous to have so much cash on hand without having a plan for it, but we’re sure anyone would accept such a device.


You must admire James Ray Steam, an enthusiastic inventor of various steam-powered contraptions. Ray’s unicycle is one of his most notable inventions, though it looks a bit bulky and risky to ride. It’s definitely something that could end up in a Victorian museum, housing the coolest technology, which should drive steampunk fans crazy.

Although it does not seem like a very technological invention, the unicycle of this anime series improves as the chapters go by. The protagonist moves very quickly around the city with him, so practically everyone would like to have a unicycle.

jet pack

Seto Kaiba is the great selfish rival of the Yu-Gi-Oh! And as if that weren’t enough, he is also the chairman of Kaiba Corp, which is a huge global company. His vast resources give him access to some of the coolest technology, like a jetpack. I wish Yami Yuugi could have such awesome gadgets.

Many companies have tried to invent a jetpack, but so far none have succeeded. It would be a truly revolutionary invention as it would allow individual movement without much effort.

microwave on the phone

Steins;Gate’s telephone microwave is perhaps one of the most amazing gadgets ever invented. It does everything a normal microwave oven would, plus it can be controlled by a cell phone.

It is often used by Rintarou Okabe to send “D-Mails” and other things such as time bananas. Yes, it’s a microwave that can literally take food back to the Stone Age.

This is something that would come in handy for anyone today, especially for heating up food during a work break.