5 best applications to use the mobile with one hand

Using a large mobile doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, better check out these apps to make it easier to use the terminals with one hand.

Currently, a large part of mobile devices have a screen that exceeds 6 inchessomething that for many is perfect, especially when consuming multimedia content.

However, many users prefer use the mobile with one handand having a big device, it’s difficult for them.

The good news is that you can do this through some mobile apps for Android. In this article you will know best applications to use the mobile with one hand.

Best apps to use the mobile with one hand

  • One-handed operation +
  • Smooth navigation gestures
  • The sidebar screen quickly switches
  • Quick slider: one-handed mode
  • Nova Launcher

This function is possible to realize in different devices of native way, especially on Xiaomi phones. Still, you need to know these handy pocket tools to get the most out of your Android.

One-handed operation +

One Hand Operation +: wide variety of mobile functions

One Hand Operation +: wide variety of mobile functions

One of the most popular apps for use the mobile with one hand East One-handed operation +. It is distinguished by its wide variety of functionsand above all, it is constantly updated by integrating new things.

In its database you will find a great variety of gestures, which you can use just with your thumb. Also you can configure gesture and open the app you want, for example: make a crescent on the screen and it will open the settings app.

As if that weren’t enough, the app includes a mini menu that you can place on the right or left side of the screen, in this menu you will have available all the applications that are on the mobile for a more comfortable access.

Smooth navigation gestures

Another of best alternatives to use the mobile with one hand East Smooth navigation gesturesthis app has two main actions: “quick swipe” and “swipe and hold”, both can be activated from the bottom of the screen or the side of the screen. Interestingly, the side activators they are only available in the lower half of the screen.

Thanks to main steps You can configure various actions such as: recent appstoggle split screen, open notificationsopen power dialog, open quick settings, Voice search, among others. This without a doubt automate and improve the experience of the user.

The sidebar screen quickly switches

One of the most complete applications to use the mobile with a single finger East The sidebar screen quickly switches. This amazing app gives you the ability to fully manage your device on the mobile side, either from the left or from the right.

you just have to slide from side to side and it will immediately display a floating menu. East the menu is fully customizablethat is, you will be able to modify as you wish, both the interface and the applications or functions that you want to perform.

Quick slider: one-handed mode

Quick Cursor: everything at your fingertips

Quick Cursor: everything at your fingertips

If you have a large mobile like a tablet or if you have very small fingers, you need to consider Quick slider: one-handed mode. With this app you can have a “the cursor” on your device, much like computer mouse cursor.

Using this function is quite simple, it’s just a matter of swipe bottom to center of the screen or sweep to each side the screen towards the center and a pointer will quickly appear.

This pointer can be brought to any side of the screen and you only have to touch the screen once to click where it is, after which the pointer will disappear in a fixed and configurable time.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher - Mobile Personalization

Nova Launcher – Mobile Personalization

Nova Launcher was one of user favorite appsbecause it allows extensive personalization of mobile devices, among which we can mention: icon customizationtheme install, typography change and further.

However, one of the functions that few know about is the floating menuthat you can add at any time to have better and faster access to mobile functions.

To enter this menu you will only have to move your finger from the side you have configured (left or right) towards the center, this will display a floating menu with various predefined functions, for example: messaging applications, video games, widgets…

As you will see, there are many applications to use the mobile with one hand and not die trying, so try one of these alternatives and let us know how it went. Similarly, you can see how to enable one-handed mode in Android 12.

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