5 marathon series on Disney+

Disney+ has become a curious option among streaming platforms. Notably for its ability to wisely combine adult content and at the same time the best views on modern mythologies and major franchises. The result is a journey through pop culture that surprises with its variety.. Action, the most beloved Marvel superhero sagas and the new Star Wars. The platform has a varied content that covers all tastes and expectations.

And what could be better than enjoying this variety during the holidays? The Disney+ catalog is an interesting look at the idea of ​​what a streaming platform can be. On the one hand, it has enough classic content to delight fans of the brand’s great historical production.

For this reason, We’ve picked the five shows you’ll want to watch over the holidays. A few classics, but no doubt a good variety of what Disney+ has to offer as a space for pop culture analysis. Also, a tour of everything the subscription service has to offer for entertainment lovers. A look at a new way to explore content from one of the world’s most popular streaming options.

moon knight

Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) has a difficult story in tow at Disney+. Also a mystical score to settle and a god to please. As if the above were not enough, he must at the same time deal with Steven Grant, his other personality, an eccentric duality that confused fans. The classic Marvel anti-hero comes to multiscreen transformed into a mature, well-built show about good and evil.

It’s also a journey through Marvel’s previously unknown dark dimension. The combination of the two things, converts to moon knight a journey through all sorts of documents. From a mocking and almost satirical humor, to the exploration of the mental health of his character. The Series Challenges It to Be Marvel’s Most Mature Content Yet and it achieves this by placing particular emphasis on its most enigmatic layer.

What is the argument worth? The adventures of a hero subjected to the will of a just but cruel Egyptian divinity? Or the delusions of a major psychiatric disorder? In the same way as the comic strip, the series does not make people understand and takes a considerable interest in digging out singular ideas on the heroic.


in the movie Avengers: Infinity War of the Russo brothers, the Asgardian god of lies embodied by Tom Hiddleston seemed to have come to the end of his road. And do it heroically. But Marvel had other plans and for end of Game a brief scene was shown in which the character reverted to his old ways tesseract in hand. With his usual skill at trickery, Thor’s wayward brother seized the Infinity Stone to escape his captors once more. But what seemed like Loki’s most egregious fanservice turned out to be a major premise on Disney+.

Loki, a prisoner of the previously unknown Time Variance Authority (TVA), became the fundamental piece of Marvel’s leap into the multiverse. Which made the story essential to understanding what will happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Additionally, the series displayed extraordinary aesthetics, an in-depth look at science fiction, and a large-scale emotional journey.

Hiddleston’s Loki went from twisted villain to man in search of purpose beyond glorious. And in the meantime, he came out of the closet, fell in love, and met over a dozen versions of himself. All the while, reality has crumbled and the multiverse has expanded to its glorious expanse.

If you wait to see what happens with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it may be convenient for you to review what happened in this Disney+ series. That might put things into perspective.

The Boba Fett Book

The luxury secondary embodied by Temuera Morrison finally reveals its secrets. And contrary to what many fans believed, this is not a story of violence but of redemption. One of the surprises that the long-awaited Disney+ series about the classic Star Wars character brought was its approach. From the version of the heartless and cruel bounty hunter who populated the imagination of the galactic saga for almost forty years, Boba Fett is shown most vulnerable. A character who learned from his mistakes, pains and weak moments, to rise as a rare combination of anti-hero and honorable figure.

In The Boba Fett Bookthe new Star Wars series on Disney+, Boba ceases to be a simple bounty hunter to reinvent himself on Tatooine alongside Fennec Shand. A totally amazing series for Star Wars lovers

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The change caught Star Wars fans off guard, and there was quite a bit of criticism of the Disney+ series’ unique pacing. But even in its strangest, most painful and most heartbreaking moments, boba fett book showed his strength. The story of a renegade in search of a place in the world is rethought and diversified, to build an ideal setting for other stories. And with that premise, producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, they managed to reinvent the idea of ​​the interconnected universe into something more organic and profound.

Boba Fett It is the story of the character and his passage from pain to power. But also, that of a new stage of increasingly mature and sophisticated Star Wars. In the absence of an announcement of a new season, Boba Fett should find his discreet place in the galactic saga. Yet it is the celebration of the essential that sustains the most contemporary version of George Lucas’ work. The deep attention to its characters, its analysis of a larger universe, and the way all the stories relate to one another.

The Mandalorian

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) is a Mandalorian with nothing to lose, until a mission takes him to a crucial moment in his life. Free adaptation of the Japanese series The lone wolf and his cub by Kazuo Koike The Mandalorian emphasizes the fundamental elements of Star Wars. But in addition, he explores a whole Disney+ series of new spaces from an intelligent, ambitious and emotional point of view, which surprises with his maturity.

mandalorian is a careful walk through all the extremes of the vast Star Wars mythologyyes Also, a careful exploration of the franchise as a generational work of art and an adult version, on its best-known narrative lines. Din Djarin walks the hero’s path like many other characters in the saga. But this time, from a humble and sensitive point of view that moved the audience. At the same time, it made it clear that a new form of sophistication had come to the franchise.

Sure, the Disney+ series was the presentation of one of the great characters of Star Wars mythology. The very young Grogu seems to be the bridge between the past of the saga and a future, able to recreate himself in his most moving moments. One of the characteristics that he has always maintained and at the same time carefully analyzed, the work of George Lucas. Is Grogu the door open to new Star Wars stories? It only remains to wait but most likely yes.

another dimension

Based on the work of RL Stine, the Disney+ series goes through all sorts of stories about alternate universes, witchcraft and supernatural mysteries. But above all, the argument of the program is a journey into the minds of its characters. Full of lessons, moral implications and the powerful meaning to find deep intellectual meaning in each one.

In the same way as the work of the writer, the Disney+ series analyzes through extraordinary phenomena, good and evil. But at the same time, the impact of each of our actions on life as we know it, as well as on the future and its possibilities. For the occasion, the anthology stories use the same format as Stine’s books, to reflect on what we consider real and what we don’t. What begins as time travel quickly turns into a larger and more complicated construct of memory.

Date of high on Disney Plus now and save with annual subscriptionwith which you can enjoy all its catalog of series and films, access to the latest versionsin the catalog of Star and top National Geographic documentaries.

In reality, A good part of the Disney+ series is centered on the multitude of scenarios created thanks to the possible. An extraordinary way to understand how time, human will and emotion are maintained and seen through the inexplicable.