5 price cuts on non-mobile Xiaomi products

We select 5 offers on Xiaomi products: the Mi Band 6, a Smart TV, the Mi Electric Scooter Essential and much more.

As you know, these days and until the next April 2 AliExpress celebrates its twelfth birthday. A particularly important event for “bargain seekers” as there are hundreds of products from top brands with discounts the sea of ​​​​interestingAnd how could it be otherwise Xiaomi is one of those brands.

Following in his footsteps, we have selected 5 opportunities in some of its best-known products outside the mobile domain. This way you can get the Mi Band 6 at its lowest price yet or with the company’s best-known electric scooter for just 254 €.

remember yes apply discount codes which you will find next to the products. Except in the case of the Mi Electric Scooter Essential, they will be necessary to benefit from the lowest price. Otherwise, since all these offers belong to aliexpress squareyou will receive your purchase at home in less than 5 working days and you’ll also get two weeks of free returns.

5 Deals on Xiaomi Products in AliExpress Plaza

Xiaomi scooter mi essential scooter

Save 100 euros on Xiaomi’s best-selling scooter

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6. We started how could it be otherwise with the famous brand smart braceletwho has a discount almost 50%. By applying all the discount codes and coupons you can buy it for only 26.64 euro, its lowest price in its 9 months of life. It is the best quantifying bracelet today: it has a battery for more than 20 daystotal resistance to water and dust and 30 sports modes. The best option to measure your health and physical activity for little money.

  • Xiaomi MiTV P1 43″. If you’re looking for a nicely sized smart TV, the 43 inches of the Mi TV P1 are a totally recommended purchase, especially for the €248.40 what they cost We are talking about a smart TV with a 4K Ultra HD resolution Compatible with Dolby Vision and a frameless design that ensures unique visual experience. Inside we have Android TV, an integrated Chromecast and, in addition, voice command.

  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2. Xiaomi’s catalog also covers the world of robot vacuum cleanersto be able to buy one of their models more recent at discounted price. The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 comes with a Suction 2800 pascals and a special mop that reduces the proliferation of bad odors and bacteria. He also has a laser navigation technology and a high-frequency vibration system designed to remove the most stubborn dirt.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite. Another great deal-Xiaomi are these cheap wireless headphones from Redmi, which have a discount greater than 40%. These are simple bluetooth earphones designed both for athletes and for everyday use: they have resistance IP54 dust and water resistant, a comfortable and stable grip on the ear, Bluetooth 5.2, total autonomy that reaches 18 hours (still using the charging case) and, what is more important, a good sound quality and the Xiaomi warranty seal.

  • Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter. We end the compilation of offers with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, the cheapest electric scooter from Xiaomi that… it’s still cheaper if possible. Save yourself almost 100 euro in a simple and versatile scooter designed for urban life. It weighs only 12 kilos, it folds easily, it can travel more than 20 kilometers with a single charge it reaches 20 kilometers per hour, has lights and disc brakes… 254 euros is a bargain that is worth it.

In case you want to dive into AliExpress Birthday Discounts We leave you a series of discount codes that you can apply to many other items.

  • AEAL4: 4 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 29 euros.
  • AEAL14: 14 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 99 euros.
  • AEAL30: 30 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 199 euros.
  • AEAL8: 8 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 59 euros.
  • AEAL19: 19 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 129 euros.
  • AEAL45: 44 euros discount for a minimum purchase of 299 euros.
  • ALIANDROID4ALL8: 8 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 59 euros.
  • ALIANDROID4ALL19: 19 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 129 euros.
  • ALIANDROID4ALL45: 45 euros reduction for a minimum purchase of 299 euros.

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