5 Times ‘The Bridgertons’ Was Better Than Gossip Girl

The enigmatic Lady Whistledown had a more than relevant role in the second season of The Bridgertons. The Regency London storylines once again had the elusive character’s publications as their driving force. But beyond that, he also clarified that the formula of the anonymous and malicious correspondent in the middle of complicated situations does not stop working. This time, Anthony and Kate had to deal with some high profile gossip issues. Of course, the one who suffered the worst moments was Eloise, embroiled in a web of deceptions that Lady Whistledown pushed to a dangerous point.

In the end, the denouement made it clear that the enigmatic voice that pulls the strings in the London of the series will gain importance in the following seasons. Something which, again, makes comparisons inevitable with other gossip in the world of series. The well-known discussion about their resemblance The Bridgertons for gossip Girl– any version of it – is back on the table. Not least because for its new chapters, the Netflix series has toyed with the fact of Whistledown’s identity. At the same time, as a reflection of what is really going on beyond the lavish settings and delicate court mannerisms.

gossip Girl, available on HBO Max, did so for six seasons. Indeed, its new version makes a more specific use of the resource by including it in the phenomenon of social networks. But regardless of the more complicated details or the new dimension of the culture of social obsession with privacy, one thing is clear: the insidious voices of Gossip Girl and Lady Whistledown show the same malevolent side of information and the speculation. Especially in the midst of increasingly complex emotional and romantic intrigues. Of course, the big question is, which series does it better? Which of the two anonymous and talkative voices is the most mischievous and punctual?

We leave you with a list of five reasons why Lady Whistledown is much more interesting than Gossip Girl. Especially in the second season of The Bridgertons .

Bridgertons’ Lady Whistledown facing royal power

While gossip GirlWanting to unveil the ins and outs of New York high society, Lady Whistledown has a more focused goal. One way or another, and much more in the second season of The Bridgertons, the character went up against the all-powerful Queen Charlotte. In fact, in one of the climactic scenes in the season finale, Lady Whistledown insists she “challenged and contradicted” the Queen. It is no longer just about revealing the gossip of a closed and malicious society. Also to point out the errors of power, its contradictions and its hardest moments.