6 Cheap But Very Cool iPhone Products From AliExpress

It seems like there is simply no better time to buy products from AliExpress than now. Yes, the dollar exchange rate did not affect Ali much, but some positions fell noticeably. Just last week, a classic iPhone case cost about a thousand rubles, and now its price has almost halved. In today’s selection, we’ve rounded up high-end iPhone accessories for you that are definitely worth your attention. Among them are a cool flip case, a cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker, and a few other cool items. Demand is high right now, so hurry, there may not be enough for everyone.

We have put together a selection of cool but cheap products from Ali for you.


For today’s selection, special thanks to Ali Baba’s Chest! On their Telegram channel, the guys daily post real best aliexpress products. I admit that I took a few positions (Bluetooth speaker and cleaning spray) from there. Check it out for sure!

Stylish flip case for iPhone

Classic iPhone books, in my opinion, just look gross. Sometimes it feels like the sellers of these blankets are focused on our grandparents. At the same time, the accessory looks pretty cool.

Think for yourself, the screen protects the best, there is a special compartment for cards, the camera will not break either, there is a special recess on the back for this. Well, why not make the design of the case itself a bit more interesting?

Here is a library, which I would call one of the most stylish of all on Aliexpress. It will suit girls, boys and adult uncles. Yes, with a classic costume it will look strange, but in this case it is better to completely refuse the book, don’t you think?

In addition to the above advantages, I was extremely happy that such a case could be used as a stand for the phone. Watching movies will be even more convenient! Moreover, in addition to gray, the seller offers 7 more options, everyone will find something to their liking.

5.0 Rating, 4 Reviews, 20 Orders.

An excellent case-book, of which you are not ashamed.

Price: from 460 rubles

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Cool selfie stick with tripod

Here is a great functional selfie stick that will come in handy for many users. Its main advantage is that it is also a tripod. Even if you don’t walk around the city every day and record videos in VKontakte Clips (gee-gee), it wouldn’t be bad to have such a thing. We went to a friend, threw a stick in a backpack and pulled it out when needed. Is it bad?

Particularly pleased with the mounting mechanism. The smartphone is quite securely fixed and rotates up to 360 degrees. Finding the right angle for high-quality shots won’t be a problem. The length of the stick itself is about 80 cm. In addition, the kit includes a remote control that works at a distance of 10 m.

Rating 4.9, review 62, orders 66.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of with such a selfie stick. Functionality is top notch!

Price on the link below!

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Xiaomi 10000mAh Backup Battery

Whatever one says about the excellent autonomy of the iPhone in the new models, over time it becomes insufficient. Yes, at first it seems that the smartphone holds the charge with a bang, but another year will pass and that’s it, your battery will fail. Yes, and newer models require an additional charge. If that’s not enough travel what or something? I trust a Xiaomi bank way more than a cheap car charger.

Of all the power banks, I chose this one because of its compactness and best battery capacity. Ten thousand is optimal. The bank does not weigh 3 kg and does not interfere in the case, while charging lasts a long time.

Of the ports – two USB-A and Type-C outputs, as well as MicroUSB for charging an external battery. There are two colors to choose from – classic silver and blue.

Note 4.9, notice 1016, orders 398.

A compact external battery that will suit everyone.

Price: 1700 rubles

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Solid Color iPhone Case

This iPhone case has become a real trend in 2022. In fact, it is a slightly modified classic silicone case from Apple, which we are all used to. What’s special here? Well, first of all, interesting colors. They are not as shiny as the original ones. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you, but personally I’m already fed up with pretentious cases.

Second, protection. These cases have a special protrusion on the front to protect the screen from falls and on the back to protect the camera. If you don’t like glass and movies with all your heart, this option is definitely for you. I won’t talk much about the quality of the goods, let the “number of orders – rating” ratio speak for me.

Rating 5.0, review 67, orders 2636.

This iPhone case is a must have for everyone.

Price: from 232 rubles

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Smartphone cleaner

A very interesting device for cleaning a smartphone. In fact, it is an ordinary sprayer, enclosed in a special cloth wrapper that will help you wipe your iPhone without streaks. The main distinguishing feature of this design is compactness. Think for yourself, the height of such a craft is only 9 cm (13 ml). They threw it in a bag, forgot about it, picked it up when the need arose.

The seller offers two options to choose from. The first is a classic atomizer with a bristle cloth, the second comes with a special case that will help keep the bristle cloth intact and safe. And, of course, no one forbids you to use such a device for other gadgets. I need to wipe my laptop please. The iPad is easy.

5.0 Rating, 4 Reviews, 33 Orders.

I use this tool myself, I recommend it!

Price: from 235 rubles

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Hoco Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

To find cheap portable bluetooth speaker is a real challenge. Well, for my life I do not perceive Chinese copies of JBL, they do not talk about anything, I will not even look in that direction. You can, of course, take the original JBL Clip, but it costs around 4000, which is very expensive for me personally. Yes, quality, everything, but kamon, 4k.

After long wanderings through the expanses of Aliexpress, I found this miracle. Why do I trust the manufacturer of this column? Well, tell me, do you often see a 5.0 rating with exclusively Russian reviews? When I look at the comments under our posts, it seems to me that such an alignment is simply impossible.

Looks like a normal column. Dimensions 25×15 cm, can easily slip into a backpack or bag. There is a special loop for fastening. Charges via MicroUSB, for its price it is not at all a disadvantage. The buttons are all standard, Play/Stop, On/Off and two buttons to rewind tracks. Of course, they haven’t forgotten the microSD slot.

Other goodies – fast delivery. Goods reach some buyers within days. The column disperses like a shawarma at the Kazan station, so I recommend that you hurry and take this device on your own. Hurry, there are only a few columns left.

5.0 Rating, 4 Reviews, 33 Orders.

Don’t buy Chinese consumer goods, get yourself a normal column!

Price: 1200 rubles

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In case the first column sells out