6 Cool iPhone Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

About 10 years ago, the iPhone was absolutely not designed to work with familiar files: the smartphone was already of very high quality, but it was impossible to use it in everyday life – there were no apps in the app store, and the iPhone had a fairly closed iOS at that time. Fortunately, in 2022 there are enough applications and their analogues, and some have even been integrated into the operating system. For example, right on your smartphone, you can create and open ZIP archives, work more productively, and even speed up Face ID. Here is some life hacks to work with iOSwhich will make iPhone much better.

Here are some cool features to make your iPhone easier to use.


How to open an archive on iPhone

Whenever you search the Internet for the right file, you don’t want to come across an archive. Previously it was very difficult to open it, but now it is no longer a problem. You don’t even need third-party apps. See how easy it is.

The archive can be opened or created directly on the iPhone

  • Most often, archives arrive in emails. Just tap it to download;
  • After that, touch the file and click “Show Contents”;
  • If there are several files in the archive, just switch between them with a simple swipe or use the “List” button to display the contents;
  • Click “Share” and save it to “Files”: if you have it enabled sync with iCloudthe file will be immediately displayed on the other device.

Кстати, чтобы распаковать архив, достаточно его коснуться, после чего появится папка с файлами.

Create Archive on iPhone

Convenient, you can create a ZIP archive directly on your smartphone. You don’t need third-party apps either.

  • Open “Files” on iPhone and navigate to the folder containing the files you want to compress;
  • Click “Select” and highlight the one you need;
  • Then click “More” in the lower right corner and select “Compress”.

After that, you will have a ZIP archive file in the same folder. The feature also works on the iPad.

Voicemails in iMessage

iMessage on iPhone has long supported voicemail, but on iOS, auto-delete is enabled by default. Why is that? Probably because of Apple’s famous privacy. However, voices may be left in correspondence.

Leave voicemails in chat so they don’t disappear anywhere

  • Go to settings;
  • Select “Messages”;
  • Go to the “Expires” item and select “Never”;
  • Now let’s go back to the chat, just touch the voicemail and click “Exit”;

By the way, you can add a voice message to “Notes”: hold it down and click on “Copy” in the menu that appears: after that, navigate to a new note and click on “Paste”. The voice will be added to the document and can be heard. And in this article, we have collected top 5 iMessage chips at once.

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How to speed up Face ID

Face ID works fast, but sometimes still wrong. For a quick unlock, you can add another scan of your face (for example, if you’ve grown a beard or lost weight) or a loved one by adding “Alternate Appearance”. In doing so, pay attention to some of the nuances.

Can you speed up Face ID? Certainly!

  • When scanning, lower your iPhone to chest height;
  • Keep your head up so Face ID scans your lower face;
  • Try looking at the camera with your eyes without turning your head;
  • During the circular movement of the head, try to keep the chin touching the middle of the chest;

Thereby Face ID on iPhone will capture facial features in more detail and will work 100% of the time, especially when unlocking your smartphone while lying on a table or walking.

Всё зря: пользователям iOS оказалась не нужна защита Apple от слежки

How to Hide App Store Purchases

You can hide apps from the list in the app store

If you want hide apps downloaded from app store, just hide them. They won’t disappear completely – you can still see them.

  • Go to the App Store;
  • Click on your account avatar and select “Purchases”;
  • Select the app you want, swipe left, and tap Hide.

All hidden applications remain in memory, but are in a different section. Here’s where to find them.

  • Open the App Store and click on the account avatar;
  • Open your Apple ID at the top;
  • Unlock iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID;
  • Scroll down and select Hidden Purchases.

Подписывайтесь на наш Телеграм-чат, чтобы оставаться на связи!

How to scan a document on iPhone

In 2022, an ordinary desktop scanner is not as necessary as before. You can take a photo of the file, but if that doesn’t work for you, just use the built-in document scanner in iOS. It’s much easier than logging into the same OneDrive or downloading a third-party app. Here’s how it’s done.

It turns out a clear scan of the document, on which everything is visible

  • Open Notes, then select the desired draft or create a new one;
  • Click the camera button in the toolbar and select “Scan Documents”;
  • Your iPhone will then create a photo that you can crop, rotate, or enhance.

What other hacks make your life easier? Share in the comments.