6 cool items on AliExpress you’ll say thank you for

O shopping on AliExpress it is not customary to speak publicly. The persistent image of the site where they sell consumer goods does not leave it until now. However, it has long since surpassed it, becoming an international market that is not inferior in terms of service level or product quality even to a giant like Amazon. Moreover, if we start from the width of the assortment, then perhaps Ali will be even more cheerful. So do not be afraid to buy there, because there are analogues of the products presented on AliExpressoften just not. Price-wise, that’s for sure.


Aliexpress has lots of cool products at affordable prices


Where to buy A4 paper

Truly white paper is now worth its weight in gold.

Paper. I never thought that I would give you buy A4 paper, but today this commodity is worth its weight in gold. The sanctions showed that in Russia there are problems with the laundering of the pulp from which paper is made, as a result of which the country would be, if not completely exhausted, then at least in serious shortage. However, Ali has a decent offer at a good price. Pack in front of you Vetocopy paper with a volume of 500 sheets and a density of 80g/m2.

Price: 391 rubles

Buy A4 paper

It’s a real classic white printer paper without any “eco” prefix, which means no pure white modifications. There is no problem with whiteness. Usually on the packaging of this paper they write – 101% white, since it is customary to take whiteness with a slight yellowish or grayish tint for 100%. Yes, now the price is a little higher than before, and more than 5 packs in one hand are not issued. But they promise fast delivery from russia at any issuing point or post office of your choice.

Wireless charging for iPhone

What could be more practical than a wireless charger-transformer?

wireless charger This accessory is not for everyone. Some don’t really like who they are slow smartphone charging. Others don’t like that the device can’t be recovered while inductively charging. And still others are just worried that their iPhone will fail due to wireless charging. We will not refute the conjectures of the latter. In the end, an audience worthy of adults and suitable people with a critical mind and at least basic knowledge of physics. Therefore, we will just offer you such a charger from ESR.

Price: 1000 rubles

Buy a charging transformer

This charging station good for two reasons. First, it has a transformer design. Thanks to this, you can position it horizontally and simply lay your smartphone on it like a pillow. Or you can install it vertically, making it look like a glass in which the iPhone is inserted and retains the possibility of using it even while charging. Second, the ESR load has high power. It charges iPhones at 7.5 W (for them this is the maximum, limited by software), and all other smartphones – at 15 W.

Which tablet to buy in 2022

A good tablet can be inexpensive

Tablets – especially those from Apple – they are quite expensive and not in high demand. People just aren’t willing to pay big bucks for what are essentially bedside devices called ‘pills’. After all, they still cannot replace a computer, and not everyone wants to pay 50-60 thousand rubles to be able to surf the Internet on the big screen. But it is not necessary when there is Huawei MatePad 10.4. We have already written about this – be sure to read it.

Price: 14,920 rubles

Buy Huawei MatePad 10.4

This is an excellent tablet with a Kirin 820 processor, a 10.4-inch 2K widescreen, four stereo speakers, an excellent camera and plenty of memory – and for just 15,000 rubles. In Russia, MatePad 10.4 is also sold, but in most cases it costs at least 30-40% more. So it’s better buy tablet on aliexpress. I don’t know how long the promotion will last, so I recommend you hurry if you want to be on time.

How to install Android TV on the TV

Any TV can be made smart with this gadget

Today, it is not customary to say that you watch television. To admit this is to sign your eagerness to pick up with your ears all the noodles that are hanging on the federal chains. But Smart-TV – that’s a completely different matter. It’s true that not everyone has it. Many are simply not ready to pay for a smart TV, preferring to consume video content from a computer or smartphone. And meanwhile, even an old, stupid “box” can be made smart with a TV stick.

Price: 3600 rubles

Buy Realme TV Stick

The most popular TV stick today is, of course, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. But it’s expensive, and technically far from ideal. Much better from this point of view Realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick. Simply connect it to your TV via HDMI, pair it with Wi-Fi, and you have a full-fledged TV on your TV. Android-TV with the possibility of installing applications, games and even surfing the Internet. And thanks to the support for 4K and 2 GB of RAM, even the heaviest films will not slow down, transmitting the image in perfect quality.

Magnetic charging cable with rotating connector

This cable has a tight fabric braid, a magnetic attachment and a movable hinge.

Ali has not been afraid to buy for a long time iPhone charging cables. Many of them, although they do not have Apple certification, often turn out to be of much higher quality than the originals. But for some reason, in collections like this, it is customary to advise cables in a fabric or even metal braid. Say. These will definitely not fray. But if the cable is made of high quality silicone, it will never deteriorate. But the protruding connector, which cannot be put anywhere during charging, is a problem.

Price: from 125 rubles

Buy rotating cable

How many times have you had to adjust your fingers while holding iphone chargingso that they do not pinch the connected connector? Probably a lot. But thanks to the rotating head cable, you won’t remember this problem. Its connector has an integrated hinge that allows it to rotate in different directions and take exactly the position that suits you. And since it also has removable connectors which are attached to the magnetic cable Like the MagSafe, the practicality of this accessory is inspired by paradise.

Buy dried mango

Dried mango can be consumed in this way, or you can leave it in water, and it will be saturated with moisture, becoming almost fresh.

Have you already eaten mango? It is a very tasty fruit, which in most retail chains in Russia is usually presented in an unripe or overripe state. Because it is quite problematic and expensive to bring it from hot countries in perfect condition. Especially now. Therefore, Russians usually eat mangoes on vacation in Egypt or Thailand. But it is not necessary if you have dried mango.

Price: from 969 rubles/kg

Buy dried mango

dried mango slices good for everyone. First, they work as a tasty and satisfying snack when you want something, but don’t know what. Second, the dried mango has a concentrated sweet-salty taste that easily replaces sweets and chocolates (sweet beaks will understand me). Third, here’s a little tip for you: mangoes can be hydrated – that is, saturated with water – if you put a slice in a glass of clean water and leave it in the refrigerator overnight, or better for a day. It will be saturated with water and will also be cool. Checked.