6 little-known facts about Apple that will surprise you

April 1 Apple celebrates its birthday: The company is celebrating its 46th anniversary. Meanwhile, a little-known company has grown from a small startup that created computers to a massive corporation with insane capitalization and, possibly, the most recognizable logo in the world. But before that, she had to go through the most difficult path: of course, the iPhone became exactly the starting point of the Apple we know now. Let’s take a look at some interesting moments from apple stories: we are sure that you have already heard of something, and some facts will become a real discovery for you.

On Apple’s birthday, they decided to recall the most unusual facts in the company’s history


iPhone box

For us it’s just a box, but for Apple it’s the result of hard work.

Pay attention to beauty iPhone box? It is not only beautiful, but also pleasant to the touch. They are even sold on Avito separately from the smartphone, if you remember. It’s not without reason: the company’s designers spend a huge amount of time making sure the packaging creates the right emotional response in people. The Touch Box should appeal to everyone, and Apple’s attention to detail is off the charts. This is what he writes in his book “Inside Apple” Adam Lashinsky:

Time and time again, designers create and test an endless stream of arrows and ribbons in a variety of colors that will show the customer what to shoot to further unbox the new thing, where the right corner is clear screen protector. . It sometimes seems like an obsession among Apple’s designers.

It is rumored that a whole separate department is engaged in the development of packaging in the company, which brings the packaging to perfection. Whore !

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Apple white color

White devices are more recognizable

Two main Apple device colors – it’s black and white. More precisely, their nuances, called in their own way as part of the marketing strategy. However, this was not always the case: Steve Jobs didn’t like white and prevented it in every possible way. But Johnny Ive (former design director) managed to push the white.

True, at first there were products of a similar color, for example, moon-gray. Later, Jobs again endorsed the white color, believing that it was the right color to popularize the brand, because it is better to see logos and nameplates. Moreover, white entices the customer to purchase the product, reflecting its simplicity and conciseness.

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Apple Expedition

Apple products and components are transported by air, not sea.

Apple prefers to deliver freight by air and is one of Cathay Pacific’s biggest customers. Thanks to this, the delivery time of the goods is 15 hours, and not 30 days if it was sea transport. Yes, this method is an order of magnitude more expensive, but the company wins, because the components are usually paid for on credit, and the devices are sold out faster.

By doing so, the company saves on interest on debt service. Additionally, an airplane is the most secure mode of transportation which, unlike a freighter, cannot sink or be hijacked by pirates. And at the start of the pandemic, Apple even transported empty boxes for its devices halfway around the world. I did not know? Be sure to check out our content!

Каким был самый худший телефон в истории Apple

iPod – history of creation

We all know how legendary the iPod was. Granted, it wasn’t created by Apple: the idea belongs to inventor Tony Fadell, who successfully sold it to the company after other companies rejected his proposal. In the late 1990s he approached Philips and RealNetworks with the idea of ​​creating a digital player, although the tech giants considered the idea a flop. But Steve Jobs was inspired by this idea and even added Fadell to the list of inventors of Apple.

I did not know? The iPod has an incredible history!

By the way, the name “iPod” did not immediately appear. At some point, Jobs assembled a team of writers to call the device a quirky one. It was invented by Vinnie Chico, who, seeing a white iPod, remembered the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The fact is that the work of the computer and the iPod reminded him of the interaction of the spacecraft and the escape pod, called the EVA Pod. They just added “i” to the name – awesome simple!

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Mac Warranty

Don’t smoke while working on your iMac

You may not know it, but your bad habits can deprive you of Apple Device Warranty. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised: Service center employees regularly experience tobacco smoke-related damage to iMacs. At some point, Steve Jobs found out and replied that nicotine is a dangerous substance and that the company would not require its employees to work with harmful substances. Since then, employees have had the option of denying a repair to a customer even if they have an AppleCare warranty extension.

Apple и Meta по ошибке слили данные хакерам. Их обманули как детей

Apple History

Apple originally had three co-founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, who designed the company’s first logo with Isaac Newton and later sold his stake in the company for $800. Or Steve Wozniak is still an Apple employee and receives a scholarship of $120,000 per year.

Wozniak is still employed by Apple and receives a salary!

Jobs and Wozniak invested not only their souls in Apple, but also their money: for example, Steve Jobs once sold his Volkswagen van to raise money to buy parts for an Apple computer, and Wozniak, who worked at HP, sold an engineering calculator. . True, in 1976 it cost no less than a laptop in our time. Besides that, Wozniak’s calculator was also the most compact programmable computer.

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