6 new things that have recently arrived in WhatsApp voice notes


WhatsApp voice notes incorporate a large number of functions when it comes to being able to communicate with others.

the whatsapp voice notes were a turning point in the application. Although there is a very pronounced tendency to abuse them, there is no doubt that they allow a large number of different functionalities. These are the six novelties that have arrived in WhatsApp voice notes and that you can use whenever you want.

6 things you can do with your WhatsApp voice notes

background playback

Until very recently, to listen to an audio completely and without interruption, you could not leave the specific chat. Now, that is no longer the case, it plays in the background without you having to do anything. A very favorable deal for those who need to listen to a voice note on WhatsApp while they are working. In any case, if you want to pause it for any reason, you always have it at your fingertips. Even from the lock screen.

Play where you left off

If for some reason you cannot continue listening to a WhatsApp, it will be enough to stop it so that when you resume it, reading continues where you left off. This feature is new and until then you had to start from the beginning and drag the slider to the approximate point where you left off. Paused reading is a great advantage.

Pause and resume a recording

Ideal when you are going to send a long message. It allows you to pause recording at any time you want. It can be used to assemble the parts you want. To make it very simple, swipe your thumb up on the microphone sign and start recording. You will see a pause prompt. The moment you press it, it will stop recording, and when you start again, your voice note will be recorded again. This avoids cuts and long waits. A feature that makes WhatsApp voice memos much easier now.

wave viewer

It’s not a cosmetic thing, but seeing it in the wave form when you’re playing or recording helps to know if there’s a certain type of sound recording or not. If during recording you see that the wave remains flat, there is something wrong with your microphone. Check if you have allowed WhatsApp to access your microphone.

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Draft Preview

You now have the option to listen to an audio before sending it, and not have to do it randomly. Many times, and if it’s sensitive issues or the recording quality is not good, you can listen to it as many times as you want and decide if you send it or finally save it again. If the voice notes you recorded do not convince you, click the trash can icon and they will be deleted.

Variable speed playback

That we can play messages at one and a half times the normal speed is always a boost, as it saves a lot of time. In effect, at twice the speed it looks like the audio was recorded by a squirrel, but it allows us to discover its contents by spending half the time.

And it is that there are people who misuse WhatsApp voice notes and are not able to write, only to send audios. The unwritten rules of good use of WhatsApp say that an audio longer than a minute is already considered disrespectful. Or at least considerate.

All these improvements and new features in WhatsApp voice notes allow us to communicate in a much more efficient, professional and time-saving way. Since the app implemented sending voice notes, these have gained surprising momentum. So much so that it’s still a really big help for older people or people with vision problems who have a really hard time writing a sentence.

WhatsApp is the market leader in messaging apps, with 2 billion active users every month. Very criticized for the use it makes of user privacy, remember that it belongs to Meta, which also controls Facebook, air incorporating a large number of Christmases since last year that have made it improve .

In fact, some of them They are practically a carbon copy of those that Telegram already has for a long time. For example, the reactions to the messages and whose launch is imminent, it will only take a few days for it to appear in the new update.

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