6 Ways to Make Any iPhone Cooler for a Penny

iPhone – the device is very autonomous, whatever the model and the year of release. From the beginning, Apple designed it in such a way that the user no longer needs anything. Take it and use it. But real life dictates its own rules, and over time you realize that it would be nice upgrade your smartphone, and it is better to do it at once on all fronts. For example, increase the charging speed, extend the battery life, protect the screen of the device and, if possible, make it recover from scratches on its own. In general, there are really many upgrade options, and we’ll only offer the most basic ones.


iPhone can be upgraded for pennies


Which power bank is best for iphone

Powerbank will increase the autonomy of your iPhone at least three times

No matter what iPhone you own, you probably still want increase its battery life. Naturally, you will not be able to independently increase the capacity of the battery, and almost no one will be able to. After all, for this you need to increase the dimensions of the case. But here’s the outside poverty bank will solve this problem once or twice. I do not recommend taking a large battery – it’s just inconvenient to carry it around.

Price: 570 rubles

Buy iPhone Power Bank

But this 10,000 mAh model will do just fine, but not just because of its size. First, it has enough capacity for at least two charges. Second, supports high (for iPhone) charging speed – up to 18 watts. Third, it has 4 connectors, including USB-C, so you can charge from the included cable. Well, and fourth, it’s just a good accessory for a reasonable price.

How to increase storage on iPhone

You can buy any MicroSD card of the size and write speed you need.

integrated iPhone storage space – it’s a pain. Despite the fact that the devices of the latest generations already have healthy indicators, they cost prohibitive amounts. And overpaying 50,000 rubles just for 500 GB of built-in space is somehow not right. It makes much more sense to expand the available volume after purchase using an external flash drive. Corn iPhone does not support flash drivesYou tell me. Even if he supports, I will answer you.

Price: 1100 rubles

Buy a USB flash drive for iPhone

just buy this micro SD adapter with three connectors: Lightning, USB-A and USB-C. It can be inserted not only into the iPhone, but also later into the computer to transfer important data. Maybe using an external drive is not so convenient. But most likely, most of the data you store on your smartphone is usually not needed here and now, and you always store it in the cloud. And since now it has become much more difficult to pay for iCloud, in principle it makes sense to have a removable flash drive for iphone.

Fast charging for iPhone

It makes no sense to buy a more powerful power supply for the iPhone, because it won’t charge any faster anyway.

Charging speed is just as important as battery life. After all, if the iPhone is drained – and it certainly will – its battery resource will need to be replenished in a timely manner. And the sooner that happens, the better for you. In such cases, a standard 5 watt memory will obviously not suffice. With it, the smartphone will need at best 2 or even 3 hours to recharge. Therefore, it is better to take more serious power supplies with a power of 20 W or more, capable of charge iphone faster.

Price: 1300 rubles

Buy a power supply

Apple-branded memory is good for everyone, except for the price. And here is one Ugreen charger is an excellent alternative for a more adequate price. This is a product from a well-known brand that is MFi certified, meaning it complies with all fire safety requirements. with him your iPhone will charge from 0 to 100% in almost an hour. The power supply has a USB-C connector, so the included Lightning cable will do. And if you don’t have your own, then for another 300 rubles you can buy Ugreen brand thread.

Wireless charging for iPhone 6 and 7

This gadget lets you add wireless charging to even the oldest iPhones

A lot of people can’t stand wireless charging for the slowness, but I love it. After all, it’s so convenient to place the station next to the workplace and put the iPhone on it, and not on the table next to you. As a result, it simply sits and is charged in parallel. But not all iPhones are equipped with a Qi module. It only appeared on the iPhone 8 and newer models. However, if desired, even smartphones of the previous generation can be equipped with support for wireless charging.

Price: 520 rubles

Buy the Qi module

This can be done using external Qi module. It is a thin plate similar to a Troika board with an integrated copper inductor and a Lightning connector. It is inserted into the charging socket and is placed on the back of the smartphone under the shell. Due to its small thickness (only 1 mm), it can be placed under the case and it will not be noticeable. However, don’t rely on fast charging. But it’s the scourge of all wireless chargers for iphone.

Case with card holder for iPhone

It is convenient to put a bank card in this pocket and, so to speak, pay with an iPhone

After deactivating Apple Pay in Russia, we all started having to carry bank cards with us. After all pay with iphone won’t come out anymore. But you can’t just put the card in your pocket. So you have to get used to carrying a handbag with you again. Some people started getting out of the situation by paying for their purchases with a QR code, and someone bought a card holder like this and magnetized it to the back of their iPhone. But this is still a half measure, as the external wallet tends to fall. Much better if it is firmly integrated into the case itself.

Price: 150 rubles

Buy a case with a cardholder

like that case with wallet – an excellent solution for those who are not used to carrying wallets with them. On its back there is a pocket that allows you to intercept a few bank cards and one or two banknotes. The case itself is made of silicone, but at the same time it is reinforced at the corners with strong plastic inserts – for better impact resistance. A total of 6 colors are available: transparent, yellow, grey, turquoise, pink and blue. However, there are options for all models, from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 Pro Max. Choose any.

hydrogel film for iphone

The hydrogel film has the function of scratch self-healing

I don’t know about you, but on my screen iPhone scratches appear on the second day of operation. I don’t know where, because I use my smartphone very carefully. Therefore, for a long time I preferred to stick a protective film on it. Yes, yes, the cinema. I don’t like glasses. But it is not my emotional attitude that counts, but a purely practical meaning. The fact is that movies – especially hydro gel – tend to heal small scratches on their own.

Price: from 200 rubles

Buy hydrogel film

I suggest taking this option for several reasons:

  • Such a film is very easy to stick and even forgives certain sticking faults;
  • It independently restores minor scratches and abrasions, thanks to which it always looks neat and tidy;
  • It has ties along the edges, so you won’t touch the film and peel it off;
  • It has an excellent oleophobic coating, thanks to which the fingers glide on the film as on glass;
  • The film is 0.1 mm thick, which does not reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen.