8 action games to download: shooting, pursuit, combat…

If you are bored and have your mobile in hand today, we have great news for you. We have compiled a list of 8 free action games which you can download now at google play. This is a very comprehensive list with games of all kinds and with which you can enjoy without rest. They all have one very high score in play store and are available completely free without spending a penny. If you are a lover of action games you must have them yes or yes on your smartphone.

Shooting, survival, platforming and much more

All the games on the list rack up millions of downloads and great reviews that border on the 5 stars on Google Play. Their graphic They are very striking, they can be downloaded in all android phones and are available free.

There are deliveries of all kinds: shooterswar games, platform games and even hunting games. If you have space on your device, we recommend that you check them all out and start downloading them as soon as possible. These are almost mandatory download games!

They are all valid and are considered action games. They are frantic and you will always be in tension playing with them. They are fun and in most cases graphic They accompany a very good gameplay and story.

If you are looking games to download on your smartphone, you should start with this list. In addition to very good games, they are all free.