9 sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix as Avatar 2 arrives

the canadian james cameron takes his time to tackle his next film projects as he achieves inconceivable success with titanic (1997), a film that became the biggest hit in history until it was knocked down by Avatar (2009)also his own, and which equaled Oscar in number to Ben Hur (1959) before The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).

The director is supposed risky lies (1994) was developing his first feature film on the planet Pandora until he was satisfied with motion capture and digital animation technology. And, for the same reason, with Avatar 2the first of which is scheduled for next decemberyou preferred to slow down to get the same visual realism you want underwater.

“Part of my focus on the second movie is going to be creating a different setting, a different setting for Pandora,” James Cameron said in April 2010 to Los Angeles Times. “I will concentrate in pandora’s ocean, which will be just as rich, diverse, crazy and imaginative, but without being a tropical jungle. I’m not saying we won’t see what we’ve seen before, but we’ll see more.

20th century

Netflix movies to liven up the wait for Avatar 2

Waiting for the theatrical release Avatar 2without forgetting the three other sequels that the North American filmmaker has planned until 2028, we offer you somefeature films of Science fiction worth watching on Netflix. Although the original about the Na’vi, as much as the sequels or Aliens: The Return (1986) and precedents titanicyou can find them on Disney+.

Science fiction by Steven Spielberg and James Cameron himself

To start, another one from James Cameron: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), with which the Canadian surpassed its predecessor (1984) thanks to an appropriate twist on the antagonist that was the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an action spectacle improved and without some implausibilities from which the other suffered, iconic scenes for moviegoers and Robert Patrick’s curious villain.