a bug exposed its users to inappropriate content

content moderation in Facebook It’s still a sensitive topic and in the past few hours he’s added a new polemic. As published The edgethe social network failed which has resulted in the normal release to the public of many messages that would not normally pass the moderators’ filter, such as fake news and violent content.

The extent of the inconvenience was such that six months have passed since it was found until it can be solved. The aforementioned media reports that Meta engineers detected the issue in October, but they weren’t able to fix it until March 11.

According to Facebook’s internal investigation, the bug impacted the system that categorizes posts on the food main. Instead of unpromoting posts that moderators had already flagged as inappropriate, the bug caused them to display normally. There was even a 30% increase in viewing of these posts globally.

But what is really striking is that this problem was said to have been present in Facebook’s systems for a long time before it was discovered. The bug apparently dates back to 2019 but went unnoticed by developers until it started causing noticeable hiccups.

Another fact from the report indicates that the increase in the viewing of inappropriate content has not been limited to fake news. This has also impacted the technology responsible for detecting photos and videos containing graphic violence and nudity; and made the blocking of Russian media publications after the invasion of Ukraine less effective than it should have been.