A fake Sberbank Online application has entered the App Store. How not to be wrong

Yesterday May 13, go to the App Store fake Sberbank app online. How it got there is the tenth thing. Also, it’s obvious that he had no other way but to pass Apple’s verification. It was the company’s moderators who let the fake into the catalog. The app was calledSberbank Online website” – apparently to confuse users into believing that it is a web version. After all, it is much more convenient to download PWA directly from the App Store than to search for it yourself on the site Bank website.


A fake Sberbank Online application has entered the App Store. beware of him

Judging from the description in the app store, the developer really expected users to download the fake like web version of Sberbank. The application card directly indicated that it was intended for instant entry to the Sberbank Online website. And, I must say, the fraudster’s hopes were justified.


In just a few hours, the application entered the top 10 most downloaded programs in the Russian segment of the App Store. Simulated application interface Sber Authorization Pagewhere victims had to enter their login credentials, which were most likely sent to the attackers.

Sberbank online site in the App Store

Sberbank – it must be given its due – immediately reacted to the appearance of a fake version of its apps in the app store and trumpeted it in all media to inform as many users as possible. Despite the fact that Apple closed the developer account Sberbank, in the interest of the bank to prevent fraudulent attacks against its customers. After all, the bank will have to manage unauthorized transfers on its own.

Sberbank application probably will not return to the App Store

At time of publication application “Sberbank online site” is no longer available for download in the App Store. Obviously, the moderators at Apple eventually deleted it. Good work. But the company has a few reasonable questions:

  • First, how fake app hit the app store? If the software verification people tried to perform even the simplest gray box tests, they would find that the authorization data is not going to Sber, but in a completely different direction.
  • Second, why did it take moderators over 12 hours to remove the fake app? After all, it only disappeared from the App Store this morning, but it was available all day, all evening, and all night of May 13.
  • Third, why doesn’t Apple post a warning in the App Store that the official client Sberbank Online is no longer available for downloadlike Google did when they removed Fortnite?


Clearly, Apple’s reputation as a customer-centric company that cares about protecting the privacy of its users is crumbling before our eyes. First, disable Russian Maps from App Store, then block Apple Paythen decoupling payment from mobile phones, and now blocking banking apps, to replace bogus programs that sneak into the catalog, stealing money from ordinary users.

If I were you, I wouldn’t download any apps that have been removed from the App Store at all.

Let’s be honest: Sberbank Online website – this is the first and apparently the only fake application of Sberbank. No others have been recorded so far. No, now there are banking clients of foreign branches of Sberbank in the App Store. Here they are:

  • Sberbank Mobile Banking – Serbian branch;
  • Sber KZ – branch of Kazakhstan;
  • Online banking Sberbank – Croatian branch;
  • Sberbank Online Belarus is a Belarusian branch.

How to install Sberbank Online on iPhone

Of course, none of these applications will allow a client of Sber’s Russian office to connect. Therefore, I do not leave links to them, so as not to force you to download them, let alone try to pass the authorization. In the end, an ordinary user who does not have special knowledge is unlikely to be able to determine the authenticity of a bank customer. The only way log in to Sberbank Online now is to use the web application.


Guaranteed install Sberbank Online on iPhone Now you can only do this:

  • Follow this link to the Sberbank Online website;
  • Click on the “Share” button in the browser interface;
  • In the window that opens, select “Add to home screen”;

Installing a PWA version of Sberbank Online is perhaps even easier than a standard application

  • Modify the name of the application, if necessary, and confirm the addition;
  • Course web version of Sberbank online from your desktop and log in.

functional web version of Sberbank online almost indistinguishable from the application. It may not be as convenient, but the efficiency of its work will not disappoint you. But, if you still want to install a native app, you can use the iMazing utility – we explained how it works in a separate article. True, keep in mind that for some reason it is impossible for some to return Sberbank Online with its help.