A fan shares his Pokemon illustrations based on Elden Ring


Pokemon Legends Arceus and Elden Ring

Since its launch at the end of January, Pokemon Legends Arceus He had been the undisputed leader of the video game market. However, the arrival of the new title of Miyazaki surprised everyone by sweeping sales and taking the job from him for weeks.

The combination of Pokemon and Elden Ring

Apparently the only thing they have in common Pokemon and Ring of Elden It’s the competition to remain the best-selling video game on the market. However, a fan decided bring the two worlds together to create creatures with more than curious results.

It is bromojumboa user who already shared a design based on a mix of the Pokémon Sinistea and Polteageist a few weeks ago with potty boyone of the star characters of Elden Ring since his appearance in the game’s trailer. Indeed, thanks to this design, Pot Boy has become a popular meme with very different opinions about her appearance.

Since then, Bromojumbo has continued to share these fan-arts through his Twitter account, earning a big impact in the gamer community of the social network and many responses admiring his work.

Among the designs created by the user, one of the ones that generated the most interactions is a mix of Hoopa and Mudsdale based on Radhan, one of Elden Ring’s fan-favorite characters. Here we leave you some of the illustrations published by Bromojumbo:

What do you think of these strange creatures? Which of these designs is your favorite?

Source: NintendoSoup