A fitness trainer explains which apps to download for sports

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to take care of yourself. You can do it with Apple Fitness – we’ve even talked about how this program works. But what if the serve workouts aren’t impressive? Or you just don’t have an Apple Watch, and somehow you don’t really want to buy them in the current situation? There is always a way out, and your iPhone will help you there: we have selected for you several applications designed for different types of training, which we have found exclusively on the recommendation of a professional trainer. We explain how they differ and how to use them.

Here are some interesting sports apps for you from professionals in their field

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Free workout app

The app already contains the necessary instructions for the exercises

Have you made it your goal to get your body in order? All you need is willpower, put together in a fist, and everything else will help you. JEFIT application. Choose a training program and study a single exercise with step-by-step instructions. By the way, the application database contains more than 1000 exercises, and training programs are completed by other users. The program has a separate user group chat where you can share your ideas or ask a question.

In addition to strength training, there are interval and functional exercises with a large number of exercises for all muscle groups. JEFIT allows track your own progress, correctly select working weights, count repetitions and much more. It’s free to use with some ads.

JEFIT for iPhone

Simple workout app

Great app for weightlifting fans

Did you see people in the room constantly recording something in notebooks? It is not difficult to get confused in their manuscripts. Is it possible to do something earlier? Absolutely: here is an application for you Strong lifts. It is ideal for those who like to train with a barbell. Simply train three times a week, doing core exercises with five sets of five reps, giving the body the rest it needs.

The app also has recommendations for the choice of the working weight – it is very useful to avoid injury or overstrain. Also in Stronglifts, it helps to track progress and understand the technique of the exercises with the help of instructions. A paid subscription is only necessary when needed. weight calculator or warm-up function.

Download Strong Lifts

iPhone app running

Great app to help you start running in the morning

Many people think that running in the morning is not difficult. It’s not like that: it’s hard for someone to prepare, someone finds performing a task tedious and boring. How to be? Try Daily Burn app: it will actually become your personal trainer. He owns individual training plans and recommendations, challenges, warm-up ideas and even an audio guide.

The app is designed for users of all levels: choose the desired pace, distance, indoor or street running (and these are, in fact, completely different things). The app will monitor your performance and adjust as necessary if the rate drops. Thus, you will train endurance and learn how to properly connect to training so as not to injure yourself.

Download Daily Burn

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How to train in the gym

You don’t see smart AI-powered sports apps so often

Most people give up training due to lack of explanation of the exercises, as well as due to injuries. All this is because it seems to beginners that fitness is simple – you just need to repeat what is shown in the video. It’s not: you have to learn the technique and take your time. For this I recommend FitnessIA – This artificial intelligence application to create personal training programs.

It will tell you what weight you need for the current workout, how many reps you need. The app also gives instructions for rest. The beauty of FitnessAI is that the app is based on artificial intelligence – the algorithms are based on the results of nearly 6 million workouts. This is the most convenient way to choose a training program for yourself.

Download FitnessAI

weight loss app for iphone

Great app with nutrition and workout instructions

You not only want to keep track of calories, but also correctly compose a menu and get information about what you eat. All this can tell you bodybuilding app. It has no equal: there are training programs for drying and gaining weight, and detailed instructions and videos from professional trainers are attached to each exercise. Workout details can be saved in the built-in diary for further review and tracking of workouts. The only negative is a small number of exercises for beginners and a 7-day trial period. If you don’t like the app, you can cancel your subscription.

Download BodyFit