a harsh criticism of machismo in the new Disney Plus film

Sebastian Stan He is gradually moving away from his role as a superhero (The Winter Soldier) to share his acting record with other types of viewers. His career growth is appreciated as he takes steps to move away from Marvel’s shadow. If he stayed below that wouldn’t be a problem, but his work might be affected. Coststhe latest Disney Plus movie, is one of them.

This production follows his success as Pam and Tommythe mini-series also developed by Disney Plus, in which he plays Tommy Lee. From this black comedy to Costs, playing Steve, an attractive doctor who approaches different girls in a way not so common these days: in person, without applications. During this trip, he meets Noa, played by Daisy EdgarJones.

She’s a girl with an indebted love life, yearning to connect with someone beyond digital (although her main contact with men is through that space). Next, Steve appears as this close and warm person, at a time when she gives free rein to this kind of experience.. The plot encourages the exploration of several themes throughout the film, which begins as a kind of romantic comedy and ends up being a horror film.

Costs and review of dating apps

For years, apps like tinder Yes buzz They don’t stop growing. Friendships that say they have met this or that means, the normalization of a new mode of relationship that never ceases to offer doubts. On these is thrown Costs. Without going overboard (which would have been convenient), the film can be understood as a critique of the type of relationships that can be developed through the application or lack of consent when sharing intimate photographs, resulting in a form of violence.

Noa serves as a vehicle to open this type of debate. The film doesn’t aspire to position itself as a critical essay on the subject, but it does say enough to trigger different thoughts. Above all, seen from the female side, the most vulnerable when it comes to dating people who, beyond certain messages, remain unknown. Like Steve, who poses as the ideal she seeks and then, like classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, turns into something unwanted by her (or anyone).