A male contraceptive, closer with this pill without hormones

The search for male contraceptive proves almost as difficult as Frodo Baggins’ journey to bring the One Ring to Mount Doom. Many scientists have joined this journey, which often has to stop even before reaching the human clinical trials. Therefore, when someone reaches at least that point, that’s great news. And that is precisely what a team of scientists from University of Minnesotawith a drug that it’s not hormonalFor what side effects are greatly reduced.

They presented their results at the spring meeting of the American chemical society, which takes place this week. So far, they’ve only tested their male contraceptive on mice. However, the results have been so positive that they are already considering starting human clinical trials. in the third or fourth quarter of 2022.

Efficacy in animal trials is not always extrapolated to humans, so we must view the results of their work with caution. However, given the difficulty of accessing a male contraceptive beyond condoms or vasectomythere are reasons to watch its progress with cautious optimism.

The race for the male contraceptive

Pills, patches, intrauterine devices, vaginal condoms and, of course, tubal ligation. There are many contraceptive options available for people with vaginas. However, the range of possibilities male contraceptive is much smaller.

At the moment there are only condom and vasectomy. Both are good options, but they have some drawbacks. The first has a very high efficiency percentage and is also the only one that also prevents sexually transmitted infections. However, some people complain that they find it uncomfortable. Also, even though it’s very rare and often happens because it went wrong, can break.