A ‘Moon Knight’ director fought to keep an essential scene

As we well know, cinema is the most collaborative art that exists. The film crews, especially in big productions like those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are made up of a good number of professionals. Thus, his work is based on proposals, agreements and arm wrestling between the different managers. For this reason, director Mohamed Diab had to fight to preserve a scene from moon knight.

In fact, his favorite of all from the first episode, the one titled “The Goldfish Problem” (1×01), and possibly Disney+ fiction as a whole. And we can guess what he likes from the simple intensity of his staging, which puts Oscar Isaac’s shoulders, in the skin of poor Steven Grant, the weight of his efficiency with a demanding close-up. And the actor rises to the challenge to the point that he manages to move us in his desperate vulnerability. unforgettable seconds.

“I remember fighting for this scene,” said Mohamed Diab The Hollywood Reporter. You mean the one from the restaurant in London where they serve “the best steaks in town”in which the protagonist of moon knight Sitting on the terrace, he awaits the arrival of his date, Dylan from Saffron Hocking, invited by Marc Spector. And, as she is late, she calls him and discovers that he has made the wrong day, putting her on her feet, and that she has lost a couple. And almost collapsed in front of the waiter.

A scene that shows what destroys the life of the protagonist of ‘Moon Knight’

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“This scene was written by me and [la productora consultora] Sarah [Goher]and I knew I’d never meet Steven if we didn’t have that steak scene,” says Mohamed Diab. “That’s when the audience is going to say, ‘This is the first episode, but I’m in love with this character. It’s done”. In the same way that Oscar Isaac himself fell in love with Steven Grant, one of the fictional beings he played and who pleased him the most in his career.

“For me, it was very important to find something to express this TID [trastorno de identidad disociativo] it’s not just power outages and then your life is good and normal. No, no, no”, continues the filmmaker who directed the episodes of moon knight as well as Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. “DID destroy his life, even his love life. She can’t have a lover or a normal relationship with someone she’s been through.”

“It’s kind of a black comedy moment, but this is when the public can connect with Stevenconcludes Mohamed Diab, who previously directed the films Cairo, 678 (2010), Shock (2016) and Amira (2021). To which must be added these words of Oscar Isaac: “When Layla [El-Faouly] come into life [de Steven Grant] and seems to be the only person who can help him, his life suddenly begins to fall apart and light up, because he has someone [ahora]”.

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