A new Apple Watch Series 8 concept brings us closer than ever to its final design

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A designer showed a new concept of the Apple Watch Series 8 with a renewed design

The arrival of Apple’s new smartwatch it’s very close. We are only a few months away from seeing the news that the company has prepared for this next release.

And although rumors have come out that can tell us a bit more about what will come with the next generation of Apple Watch nothing confirmed yet. It is said that This might make the body temperature sensor one of its biggest highlights, but on top of that, other news is expected that will take the Apple Watch to a new level.

Not too long ago it was mentioned that the Apple Watch Series 8 would get the long-awaited redesign with the current version, the Series 7. However, there is still no leak or analyst that risked to confirm this.

Despite this, designer Volodymyr Lenard found no obstacle in being able to show his Twitter followers his concept of the Apple Watch Series 8 based on rumors that have been presented so far. And the result is incredible!

A new concept for the Apple Watch Series 8

Volodymyr’s concept lets us see an Apple Watch Series 8 available in 6 beautiful colors and according to his previous tweets he expects it to feature a new technology implemented in the side button like a Touch ID. Additionally, he was encouraged to show in detail what the Apple Watch would look like with the redesign.

We immediately notice the flat screen, a mold with new smooth bevels and slightly rounded corners they subtly add a fresh and elegant new style. Moreover, it can be seen that it is already showing its concept with the upcoming watchOS 9 and the redesign of the lock screen with new fonts and styles. A detail that greatly helps this idea of ​​the next Apple Watch.

Undoubtedly, this concept lets us imagine great possibilities for the next Apple Watch Series 8 which will be presented in one of the months of next fall.

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