A new competitor is added to the reign of football video games: the UFL

Electronic entertainment has single-handedly become one of the favorite pastimes of today’s society. Technical and graphic innovations and the implementation of improvements year after year, mean that each time they are obtained more photorealistic results. The video game industry is growing exponentially, and it’s hard to guess what its limit will be. Among the best-selling titles, there is always one with a sports theme. It’s one of the most popular genres and it’s a space where the innovation we referred to earlier is more tangible. And the sport king of sports simulators is soccer.

And this is a cause and effect situation, since football is also the sport with the most media coverage in our country. Controversy, passion, competitiveness… a series of elements that escape what is happening on the ground and lead to a subject of constant debate. Just look at the number of sports programs that feed the television schedules, the digital newspapers and their impact at the level of unique users, or the portals that focus on predictions and analysis to introduce the matches before the ball is starts rolling.

For this reason, it is not surprising that football video games are still very much in our territory. Until now, the cake was split between two consolidated sagas: Pro Evolution Soccerfrom Konami, and Fifa from Electronic Arts. These franchises shared the sales of virtual football fans, with moments of shadow and light. And all this in a context of fierce competition which has contributed to consolidating current quality standards.

A new competitor will be added to this duopoly from that year: UFL. It is a free title in which we can play matches with some of the best players in the world. Its main claim is its tip, a formula that more and more sagas are exploring. Instead of releasing a new episode year after year with -sometimes non-substantial- improvements, we opt for a constant update of the title with short-term adjustments.

Konami He has already tried to apply this philosophy to his benchmark football franchise. dropped the name Pro Evolution Soccer to present eFootballbut the result is very disappointing.

attackerthe company in charge of developing the title, will surely have been very receptive to the negative impact that the work of Konami. To begin with, he avoided working on his own graphics engine, and opted to use the tools offered by the system Unreal Engine. An ecosystem in which it is very easy to work and which adds a large number of positive experiences behind.

The company will also try to make the title reward players’ skills far more than the monetary amount users shell out. A balanced experience where everyone feels comfortable, with a tiered division system and a Very affordable learning curve for newcomers.

The game will also offer the possibility of obtaining new players, which can be used or transferred. A formula very similar to that proposed by Fifa with his popular way Ultimate Team. A section in the title where fans can create their dream team by playing matches and earning coins. In fact, the visual part of UFL strongly reminiscent of the sports simulator of electronic arts. It seems the recipe is pretty self-explanatory: they want to add up the two strengths of their competition. The gameplay and pacing of the mode FIFA Ultimate Teamand the free it offers Konami with its eFootball.

But to consolidate a brand and try to gain social relevance, it must first be recognizable by gamers. For this, the work of attacker added two strategic alliances. The first is linked to the union of professional footballers, known by its acronym FIF Pro. This movement allows top athletes to appear in the title without causing controversy. And among all the players in the world, several world personalities have been chosen to lead the project. Interestingly, they are all part of the Premier League: Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku, Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne and Zinchenko and Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The footballers have appeared in the various promotional images for the title and in the videos released so far. Note that its virtual representation is rather successful, especially since it is the first adventure of the European company.

Another aspect that helped Ultimate Team a constant topic of debate among video game fans is its connection to real sport. Week after week, new players appear in the title with improved statistics, inclusions related to matches played on the last day. UFL has also focused on this section, signing a strategic alliance with Instate, a company responsible for monitoring the performance of athletes on the field. This will result in constant updating with an even more direct connection to their real-life counterparts.

Finally, the company has also signed an agreement with several clubs, which means that they can be represented in a real way. So far, the confirmed entities are West Ham, Sporting de Portugal, Shaktar, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Monaco, Besiktas, Celtic and Rangers. If the end result is satisfactory and the users number in the millions, other clubs will surely want to join the proposal of attacker. It always takes pioneers to pave the way, and for now it’s the confirmed clubs.

The platforms on which the works will be published are the following: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The date is not yet confirmed, as the European company wants to release the game when it is in optimal condition, again trying to avoid the negative impact it has had. eFootball when it was published. title which was trending topic on the various social networks, with a large number of memes and jokes related to its gameplay and the graphic representation of its athletes.

We will be aware of any news that may appear in relation to UFL. What can be said is that adding a new work to virtual football is always a positive. The ambition for this title will surely compel their rivals to keep improving. It is unquestionably a good time for fans of the beautiful game, whatever team they support.