a puzzling but heartwarming series on Amazon Prime Video

There is cheating in this series. night sky it comes across as a sci-fi production that deviates from that label along the way. It is important not to rush into this interpretation: this does not mean that the content of Amazon Prime Video to fail. On the contrary, when it deviates, it favors a much warmer and closer tone than that reached during the first three chapters.

There are a total of eight episodes, of which we got to see six. The sample could be divided into two blocks. The first in which there is confusion, different characters are presented who seem to be unrelated to each other; and the second, in which the protagonists of the story have much more weight and create a charming atmosphere within the story.

They are sissy Yes JK Simmons, which play Irene and Franklin York, a couple entering adulthood. Even though night sky states that they share above all a secret, having a special room through which they can travel to another planet, the value of their relationship does not lie in this complicity but in a much more intimate one. These chapters are a dialogue between the two relationships.

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night sky: a network of confusion

The characters enter and leave the scenes as if the spectator knew them from the beginning. This is not a problem as details about their life, interests, relationships and goals are presented later. But it is confusing at first: why this and that? This sensation makes it difficult to read the direction it is pointing night sky. Is it a sci-fi drama? Is it just a drama? Will there be aliens in this series?

The tone of the story is also conditioned by this factor, in which doors are opened only later, one does not know where they will lead. In its own way, it’s the series telling the viewer to stay, to stay in front of the screen. Is it worth doing? Although debatable, yes. From an aesthetic point of view, Amazon Prime Video continues to offer quality productions; Regarding the themes, she also answers: she is interested in aspects such as love, mother-daughter relationships, the weight of traditions, among others.

But, above all, and in view of what has been seen, the series is worth the candle for what Irene and Franklin York compose during the sixth chapter. A scene that reveals much more than the secret presented in the synopsis of the series.

Beyond a space hall

Irene and Franklin are two older adults who experience the cruellest side of the passage of time. Their bodies are no longer the same as before, but within them there are emotions created at another point in the series. We find out that they meet in a bar, which is kind of love at first sight. Then, too, some tensions. All aimed at fostering a dialogue in which both show a vulnerability and a complicity of great beauty.

This is when the series reaches another narrative level. It’s no longer about two people making sure someone finds out their secret but about two beings who know and love each other as much as to assume that many of them live there but not all of them; that in the disease the value of the company has a particular weight, as well as the respect of the other. To love without possessing.

This magic door that they go through, that they open at will and that they keep safe from others, is an allegory of their relationship. Meanwhile, acclaimed actors Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons shine as they showcase their record. What it takes to want to advance chapter after chapter. The series will be available to Amazon Prime Video users on May 20..