A rare planetary alignment will be observed over the next few days

To the extent that Earth and other planets they make their own journey around the sun, it is not uncommon to see some of our neighbors dancing in pairs in the sky. Sometimes a third party joins. But it is very rare to see a planetary alignment formed by none other than four planets. For this reason, what will happen in the sky in April is very special. And it is that from April 17 we can see on the horizon from dawn to Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn forming an almost perfect line to which the Moon will also timidly join.

Everything will start on April 17, although the best day to see them will be on the 20th of this month, when all of the components of this planetary alignment will be most visible. In places in the northern hemisphere, such as Spain, it will suffice to look to the southeast. And in the southern hemisphere to the northeast. You don’t need binoculars or a telescope, although logically with them you will have a clearer view of the planets.

As for the Moon, it will be April 23 when it is most in tune with the planetary alignment. It will be in the last quarter, still very visible, but it will not interfere with the spectacle of the planets, but will make it even more beautiful. It will be worth getting up early if it is to see something like this.

Taken from Stellarium. Alignment of the planets next to the Moon on April 23 in Spain.

The uniqueness of planetary alignment

This planetary alignment is not something unique in history, far from it. Occasionally they may be placed in the sky four planets in almost a straight line, like this time Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn. However, this is quite rare.

Indeed, as reported in ScienceAlertIt just happened three times since 2005. It’s not like the star showers, that if you miss one, there may be another in a few months and if not the same in just a year. Usually seeing a planetary alignment like this takes longer, so it’s worth writing the date on the calendar.

In June there will be another great planetary alienation

Although, to be honest, this year 2022 will be a very special year, as we will again have a great planetary alignment in just two months time. Concretely, it will happen June 24, when all the planets of the solar system line up in the sky. Let’s remember that Pluto no longer counts and that, logically, neither does the Earth, so they will be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Of course, unlike the April planetary alignment, for this one binoculars will be needed, as Uranus and Neptune may not be seen well with the naked eye.

If you are a fan of astrophotography, get ready, because from now on you will have beautiful skies to photograph. And if you have no idea how to take pictures of the sky, but enjoy looking at it, do yourself a favor. It’s a terrible year in many ways, but at least the firmament will give us the occasional special occasion.