a success and 2 failures of the new Marvel

Knight of the Moon (Knight of the Moon), already available on Disney+, it’s a strange journey through several scenarios at the same time. Or at least, it’s in its first episode in which Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) was spotted, in the middle of a strange dilemma. On the one hand, he’s a normal guy trying to cope with what appears to be a sleep disorder. On the other, a hybrid creature halfway between a normal superhero and something more complex to grasp. But the recent premiere of the Marvel series has some issues showing off the derivative nature of its character. Especially when he decided to create the condition that Steven Grant is just one of Moon Knight’s personalities. It’s a decision that, while it faithfully analyzes the original story, also poses several plot issues.

Grant’s inability and confusion to understand what is going through his mind puts the series at a difficult point narratively. You shouldn’t just show the different storylines through a single aspect of the character. At the same time, it introduces Marc Spector, the dominant personality of the original story, as additional information. Or at least that’s what the first chapter of the series suggests. The idea of ​​multiple personalities as scenarios is analyzed in the argument. And indeed, C.moon knight it’s an aspect that shows Grant’s, and later Spector’s, relationship to the mysterious. In other words, the series will try to tell three narrative lines at once, tied to one main story. Do it, while your character must understand who he is and especially where his incomprehensible nature comes from.

All of the above leaves a clear field for exploring dissociative personality disorder that Grant/Spector suffers. But also little understand the power of moon knight. In fact, in the first episode, there was barely a glimpse of the hero at his most aggressive.

And it was precisely at this moment that all the so far known personalities of the hero were able to interact. The confusion reached a complex point when the character played by Isaac confronted himself in front of a mirror. The series used the resource to analyze and reflect on a critical issue. who is really moon knight?