AAA games won’t be released on day one

playstation plus, Sony’s new subscription service, was made official today after a long wait. It aims to rival Xbox Game Pass, although there is one aspect in particular that raises doubts about its success. we talked about it top-tier games will not arrive on the platform at the same time as their physical and digital release.

Opinions on the subject are divided. While some analysts consider PlayStation’s determination a big mistake, as it lacks the ability to match an option that is available in the Microsoft service, others believe the Japanese bet has its own merits to pay off. for all modes.

And Sony has its justification as to why it’s not a good thing that its AAA titles are available day one on PlayStation Plus. In an interview with games industry, jim ryanpresident and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained his company’s position on the matter.

It feels like we’re in a nice virtuous circle with the studios, where investment brings success, which allows even more investment, which brings even more success. We love this cycle and we think our players do too. Putting our own games on this service – or any of our services – after launch, as you know, is not a path we’ve traveled in the past. And that’s not a path we’re going to follow with this new service. [PlayStation Plus]. We thought if we did that with PlayStation Studios games, that virtuous cycle would be broken. The level of investment we need for our studios would not be possible, and we believe the effect this would have on the quality of the games we make would not be something gamers would want.

Jim Ryan on the absence of AAA games since they launched on PlayStation Plus

New AAA games won’t be on PlayStation Plus on day one

Beyond Ryan’s statements about how releasing top-tier games on PlayStation Plus could negatively affect the quality of future titles, Sony does not rule out changing its mind in the future. The manager indicated that the publication model used by the company makes this possibility unfeasible in the short term; however, he assured that the story could change overnight.