Activision Blizzard again under fire for sexual harassment accusations

New sexual harassment lawsuit rocks Activision Snow storm. The Microsoft-acquired company was sued by a current employee, for allowing gross misconduct that led to what was defined as “unbridled sexism.”

As published Bloomberg Law, the lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of a worker who still works at the company, who chose to remain anonymous. It not only exposes the toxic culture that had already put the video game studio under fire last year; It also mentions the reprisals suffered by the applicant for speaking out publicly on the subject.

The document, signed by attorney Lisa Bloom, accuses Activision Blizzard of forging a “brotherhood” fueled by sexism, harassment and discrimination. The employee even mentions that she was forced to drink alcohol at work, and participating with other women in office cubicle tours, where they were exposed to sexual comments and groping, among many other misconducts. And all this, apparently, under the knowledge of Bobby Kotick, CEO of the firm.

The complainant claims to have experienced situations of this type since she joined Activision Blizzard in 2017, as a senior administrative assistant for IT department executives. He also indicates that he applied for positions in other areas of the company in an effort to escape the toxic behavior of his superiors; However, their requests have always been refused. He was only able to change jobs after sending a letter to Allen Brack – at the time president of Blizzard – complaining about the situation; however, he had to settle for a lower-ranking job and, therefore, lower pay.

Activision Blizzard, again in the eye of the storm

This lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for sexual harassment is not too surprising in view of its claims. But it again warns of the harmful working environment that many of the women who have worked in the company have to endure.