‘After Steve’, the book that tells all the secrets of Apple in recent years


‘After Steve’ dares to answer all about Apple’s most controversial events today!

Finally, many of Apple’s best-kept secrets come to light, thanks to the pages of “After Steve”which give the answer to how Apple became a billionaire company in record time. It is The new job of New York Times tech reporter Tripp Micklenow available in print and digital.

the book shares a timeline of the origins and careers of Tim Cook and Jony Ive, Apple’s top makers in recent years, not to mention the sinking ingenuity of its pioneers.

Jobs’ resignation and Ive’s escape

'After Steve', the book that tells all the secrets of Apple in recent years

“After Steve” by Tripp Mickle

The author reveals details about Scott Forstall’s final year at Applethe origin of the Apple Watch and key moments in the development of the legendary Apple Car project.

With this hook that attracts the reader, “After de Steve” a look back at the last decade at Apple, in particular the period from 2011 to 2019, a period marked by the end of co-founder Steve Jobs as CEO, and closes the cycle with the moment when chief designer Jony Ive leaves the company. Everything to build the story Tim Cook’s tenure as CEO, during which the company’s value skyrocketeddespite the nagging initial disquiet triggered by the contagious fatalism of Jobs’s lack of leadership.

One of the merits of the work consists in make a dense technological network interesting material for any readerif we start from the fact that the protagonist is so famous, that it makes it difficult not to stumble over platitudes

However, those who join this universe will discover details about Ive’s early interactions with Steve Jobs and Tim Cook’s affinity for Auburn college football.

The quirk of a thin iPhone

In one of his lines, Mickle writes that iPhone software chief Scott Forstallwhen he determined that it was hardware, not software, that caused a prototype iPhone 4 to drop calls before “Antennagate” became a public fiasco:

“The most problematic confrontation occurred with Ive. In 2010: Apple was in the final stages of production of the iPhone 4. A prototype delivered to Forstall repeatedly dropped calls to the phone. He was worried the problem was software related and called the staff to find out what was wrong. After his team couldn’t find any coding issues, Forstall discovered that the issue was occurring due to the design of the phone. I wanted a thinner and lighter iPhone, which he achieved by wrapping his metal antenna around the edges of the device. Forstall criticized the flawed design during discussions with Jobs and complained that it had been hidden from his software team.

Between doubt and anger

'After Steve', the book that tells all the secrets of Apple in recent years

Steve Jobs and Jony Ive in the pages of “After Steve”

at a key moment it’s up to Tim Cook to decide on Apple’s next move, between Ive’s Watch project or Forstall’s TV effort**.

Forstall was fired by Tim Cook early in Apple CEO’s tenureYes Jony was raised designing software and with Forstall out and Jony in, reality gives way to more stories about Jony Ive, the Apple Watch and the Apple Car project.

Self-driving vehicle drives through Sunnyvale

The book says that one autumn day in 2015, I caught up with Tim Cook in Sunnyvale to show him how he imagined the car to work.. He envisioned a voice-activated vehicle as passengers told Siri where they wanted to go. Here is how the author tells it:

“The two executives entered the prototype of a sedan-style cabin interior and sank into the seats. Outside, an actor played Siri and read a written script for the whimsical demo. As the imaginary car sped by , I pretended to lean out of the window. “Hey Siri, what was that restaurant we just passed by?” he asked and the actor replied.

“I got out of the car with a look of satisfaction on my face, as if the future was even bigger than he had imagined. He seemed oblivious to the engineers watching, some of whom were gripped by the eerie feeling that the project was as fictional as the demo, moving quickly but far from its final destination.

the inevitable departure

I also know covers the period when Jony tried to leave the company long before and the well-known story of his part-time rise, awkward return, and inevitable departure. Cook’s story is perhaps much more stable. This is partly due to the private and political nature of the Apple executive. But the big book on Tim Cook is a pending task.

In “After Steve”, there is no reference to what happened behind the scenes at Apple during the days of the MacBook butterfly keyboard. Despite the designer’s insistence on perfection. For sure Apple took design directions that prioritized form over function. during his last years with the company.

However, NYT reporter highlights criticism of excessive and generous fees paid to Ive while he was distracted by the desire to leave the company. But according to the author, this complicated plot deserves a separate book with the red thread of the state of the Mac during Jony’s last years and his critically acclaimed recovery after his departure.

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