All Marvel Series Coming to Disney+ in 2022

Everything seems to indicate that Marvel is fully committed to taking their stories in entirely new and amazing directions. Or so suggests the series schedule of the study which will premiere on Disney+ within the next two years. It’s a selection that includes new characters and an unexpected journey through new places in its vast mythology. Marvel has managed to find the formula for success and turn its films into a journey through all kinds of stories and points of view. But it’s the Marvel series that crosses the path to inevitable maturity.

Also, diversify and expand everything related to its proposals, with a view to growing in different directions. Marvel, as a brand and as a studio, has become synonymous with experimentation and exploration of popular culture. His influence on the cinema and now on the diffusion it is so great that it is considered a phenomenon. The one that becomes more robust, better organized and more and more profitable over the years. A course that surprises, especially for its durability and solidity.

What started with Hierro’s Man by Jon Favreau has become a franchise that stretches in all directions. From major high-profile film productions to animated content. Marvel seems to have decided that its hero saga will expand in completely different directions. And of course, the Marvel series on Disney+ are the perfect vehicle for having an intelligent dialogue and resourceful with new projects. With deluxe supporting stories, unknown characters, and new layers of Marvel mythology, the series delivers a strong interconnected universe. The one that will become more and more firm and wide in the years to come. We leave you a calendar with all the premieres announced so far of the Marvel series on Disney +.

moon knight

Marc Spector has been one of the most intriguing characters in the Marvel Factory for decades. Now come to your version live action and as a Marvel series with a dark history, with hints of the horror genre, and a powerful premise. moon knight (Moon Knight) is, in all probability, one of the big risks of Marvel’s phase four. In particular because the plot of the series skilfully mixes the notion of magic and the supernatural with the action.

It is expected that Moon Knight (Moon Night) Be the open door to a whole host of new characters, superhero teams and locals in La Maison des Idées. Especially those related to the world of the supernatural. However, as of now, neither the series nor the character are tied to a major franchise story.