Amazon drones have not yet taken off and are controversial

In 2013 Amazon promised to use drones to deliver purchases to its users in just 30 minutes. However, nearly a decade later, the company is still far from having actually implemented the program announced with great fanfare by Jeff Bezos. A recent report from Bloomberg indicates that the company would have encountered multiple difficulties in achieving the objectives Premium Air be successful; this is believed to be due not only to technical issues and incidents during flight testing, but also to the negative impact that the lack of progress and safety issues would have had on the employees involved.

According to the aforementioned media, so far Amazon has allocated more than $2 trillion to its drone program. But even such a sum of money, added to a team of more than a thousand members, would not be enough to bring the company closer to the realization of its almost immediate delivery plan.

Since the initial announcement, Amazon has not only changed the design of its drones, but also the one in charge of driving their development. Guru Kimchi was in charge of this initiative in its early years, when David Carbone He took the job in March 2020 after a long run as a Boeing manager. However, the latter’s work was reportedly scrutinized by the company’s own employees for allegedly prioritize development speed over security.

Clearly, Amazon isn’t the only company leveraging drones to innovate product delivery. Other big technology firms have also been developing similar proposals for several years, and some—Samsung, for example—have already launched them, but in a very limited way. It is a reality that the definitive implementation of this type of strategy is not only linked to technical progress and the reliability of unmanned vehicles, or to the investment made by each company, but also to the approval of the aeronautical authorities of each country. And the latter is the most difficult, without a doubt.

Nearly a decade after it was announced, Amazon’s drones aren’t taking off

Image: Amazon

Bloomberg mentions how technical issues would have been a major headache for Amazon’s drone program in 2021. He specifically mentions that five accidents were recorded in the same test site, in just four months. Of that amount, two would have been the most worrisome.