Analogs of Google Play Market or what you can use if the Play Market does not work

analogi-google-play-marketHave a good day everyone!

For better or for worse, in some cases you have to look for a replacement for the Google Play Market.

For example, it may not contain all applications, or simply not work, be inaccessible (which, by the way, happens and is not so rare).

In fact, I myself thought about analogues precisely because of the inoperability of the market on the smartphone (during the blocking of telegrams in Russia). It turns out that there are quite a few great alternatives with thousands of apps! .. 😉

I think at least a few services should be bookmarked so that in case of problems with the market you can download some of the most needed programs. However, it is much safer to download applications from large official services than from unknown sites…

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Analogs from Google Play Market

Galaxy Store (for Samsung owners)

Developer site:

Galaxy Store - some screenshots

Galaxy Store – some screenshots

If you have a Samsung phone (and there are quite a few of them in Russia), pay attention to the preinstalled Galaxy Store application. It’s not a bad Google Play replacement (yes, it has fewer apps, but it has all the most popular ones: themes, games, social networks, etc.).

In addition, the Galaxy Store loads the system less (with constant updates), which has a positive effect on battery power (and CPU load).

By the way, if you have a Samsung account, then if you lose your phone, you can use the search function for it (like 👉 as I described here).

To noteBy the way, at the beginning of 2020. there was news about the possible release of their stores from Lenovo, Huawei and other manufacturers.


Amazon App Store


Amazon AppStore - main window screenshot

Amazon AppStore – main window screenshot

A very interesting analog. In general, (one of the largest department stores in the United States) has made a service of distributing its applications, but over time its popularity has increased significantly. To date, more than 300,000 applications have been collected there.

The company policy is very “soft”, and all developers are allowed to publish their applications (of course, after their verification).

interesting thing: every day one and apps from this store are distributed for free, to everyone. It should be noted that even very expensive applications can be distributed.

Fault: “problem” with the Russian language (many applications here simply do not support it).




APKPure - site homepage

APKPure – site homepage

This store differs from the Play Market in that here you can download the application in an APK file. Which, in turn, allows you to easily and quickly transfer the installation file to other users (for example, those who do not have access to this store).

The service offers many of the most popular games and programs. One of the mottos of the service: no software barriers, no barriers to the distribution of APK files.

In short, a very interesting alternative. Moreover, everything here is in Russian, which is also very captivating. I recommend!


f droid


F-Droid - the main page of the service

F-Droid – the main page of the service

F-Droid contains only freeware (by the way, every application here is licensed under Apache or GNU, which also increases the credibility of the service). F-Droid is supported and exists only thanks to the enthusiasm of the developers and the donations of the users.

I would also note that the service is very simple and sometimes even “old fashioned”. But if you look at it from one side, and from the other, it is made in a minimalist style, where there is nothing superfluous (and now it is in trend!).

Moreover, it contains a good collection of free (licensed!) games and programs. Therefore, F-Droid deserves a very high rating (in my opinion), and I highly recommend it for getting to know it!

disadvantages: F-Droid is not translated into Russian.


slip me


SlideME - the main page of the site

SlideME – the main page of the site

By the way, this app store is older than Google Play. Moreover, some selection rules are among the strictest here: 2 out of 3 applications are rejected by the service (to “break through” here, application developers have to work hard in the true sense of the word!).

I note that in SlideME you will not find programs with an abundance of advertisements, with an unjustified range of powers, with various suspicious activities. In general, if you are worried about the security of your device, this service is for you.

Gaps: there is no Russian language here (nevertheless, among the list of applications, those where Russian is available are also available).



Developer website:

Aptoide - homepage screenshot

Aptoide – homepage screenshot

Excellent alternative Android app store. The service already has 300 million users worldwide!

Aptoide offers the possibility to search for games and applications without any restrictions (for example, if you are in Russia, you can download a localized application to work in England…).

I note that Aptoide carefully checks apps in its store for malicious code. Applications are downloaded as APK files!

By the way, the service currently has around 1 million apps! There is where to roam… 😉




ApkMirror - the main page of the service

ApkMirror – the main page of the service

ApkMirror is a good store where you can find many outdated apps (in other stores, as a rule, you can only download one version, the newest one – there are dozens of versions to choose from… ).

I note that the applications on the site are downloaded as APK files. Despite the fact that all applications on the site undergo antivirus checks, do not forget to check them yourself.

To note: the service is available only through a standard browser (there is no special application for Android). This, by the way, has a slight drawback: if you need to update an application, you will have to do it manually…




Mobile9 - main page

Mobile9 – main page

This service differs from others in that it contains not only tens of thousands of applications, but also melodies, themes, wallpapers and other files for your phone. You can change your device beyond recognition!

By the way, there is a very large community here: several million people. Among themselves, registered users can exchange messages, comment on applications, rate them, etc. In a kind of mini-social. report.

I note that all the applications laid out are free (at least for the first acquaintance). The service can be recommended to anyone interested in entertainment content.

To noteA: Mobile9 supports Russian language.


Mi Store (for Xiaomi owners)


Mi Store - app screenshot

Mi Store – app screenshot

Modern smartphones from Xiaomi have their own application store – Mi Store (a kind of analogue of the Play Market)!

With Mi Store, you can download hundreds of different games and apps. I note that the store conveniently sorts all of the “good ones” by their popularity, rating (user ratings), and release date.

What’s frustrating: a lot of applications for the Chinese audience (not all software has a Russian translation). However, when the Play Market does not work, the Mi Store will certainly allow you to find and download all the most necessary and popular ones (which means ✌ will fulfill its function).


Yandex Store


Important: from September 1, 2020 Yandex announced the closure of the store (apps you previously downloaded will continue to work). Let’s hope that after a kind of “rebranding”, the service will develop in a new form…

Yandex Store main page

Yandex Store – the main page of the service

Good alternative for Google Play Market. The service is entirely in Russian, contains more than 100,000 applications for Android. Mostly games and programs from Russian developers are presented.

To purchase the software, you can use:

  • mobile phone balance;
  • Yandex money;
  • Bank cards;
  • bonus (Yandex Store gives you 10% on each purchase).

I would also like to point out that the service takes security very seriously. All apps are thoroughly tested. Overall, the service deserves a high rating, I recommend!




To note (dated 15/11/18): deletion of the active link, because the site has been unavailable for a few days…

1 <a href=MOBILE – one of the best free app marketplaces” width=”800″ height=”586″ srcset=”×586.gif 800w,×562.gif 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” />

1 MOBILE – one of the best free app marketplaces

This market mainly differs in that only free apps are accepted here (i.e. you can download all apps from here for free and officially). By the way, the apps are downloaded as normal APK files (which is also very convenient in some cases!).

I would also note that the service is positioned more as entertainment (that’s why it contains a huge number of games, interesting and funny applications, jokes).

Moreover, there is a recommendation module here, which is based on your interests and advises you on similar applications that should interest you.

The number of apps here has already crossed over 1,000,000 coins! So you will always have something to do!


If you know of any other great app stores, add-ons will come in very handy!

Successful job!


First publication: 28.09.2018

Updated: 02/18/2022

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