Antarctica has recorded an unprecedented temperature rise

the climate change is wreaking havoc and the war in Ukraine is bringing us closer to a point of no return. While the UN deplores that various countries are seeking alternatives to their energy dependence on Russia, scientists from the Antarctic They said they were shocked by significant temperature rise In the region.

Stefano Di Battista, Antarctic climatologist, warned that the eastern sector of the Meseta recorded an extraordinary temperature change. Concordia station, operated by France and Italy, recorded -12.2 degrees Celsius on March 18. This represents a 40 degrees rise above average and a new record, since the maximum recorded was -13.7 degrees in December 2016.

The day before, Di Battista had been surprised by a unthinkable temperature of -16.0 degrees Celsius. The station Vostok also broke a mark from 1974 after the thermometer registered -20.3 ºC, a difference of two degrees with what was documented in the last century.

“In 65 years, values ​​above -30 degrees have never been observed between March and October in Vostok,” said Di Battista. To get an idea of ​​its severity, the Russian meteorological observatory usually shows -53 degrees on these dates.

The cause could not be climate change

According to Jonathan Wille, a researcher in polar meteorology at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France, this phenomenon is unprecedented. Although reports of anomalous events in Antarctica are linked to global warming, the expert believes that it is difficult to attribute rising temperatures to climate change.