Apple accuses ex-engineers of stealing their secrets


Apple is suing the startup Rivos for stealing confidential information through former engineers who were recruited for this purpose.

Go and demand the one that came out in the last hours. Thanks to the DocketAlarm site, we know that Apple sued a startup called Rivos for stealing secret information through a hiring process. Former Apple engineers, who were in the right place, “moved” into the small company. Does a similar case seem to you? This Forbes article brings together what an employee does when they leave a company.

Apple is suing Rivos, an unsung startup that broke the law

This small company is dedicated to hiring engineers who reside or have worked in Silicon Valley companies. His intentionsas Apple has been able to verify, is build similar chips rival those of Cupertino. What is wrong here is that they do it with secret and proprietary information from Apple. This event has been going on for about a year. the movement of employees began in June 2021. The procedure was straightforward, locating Apple employees with sensitive information about their chip designs.

M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra

The M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips

Before executing and launching the request, those in Cupertino made sure to send a letter explaining their own confidentiality agreements to which former employees of the company were subject. Rivos did not respond to this letter. Which led, after realizing it, to accuse these employees “hunted by Rivos” of stealing huge amounts of information between precise chip specifications and design files.

Former Apple engineers “succeeded” in stealing the information

In the trial records, it is quoted verbatim that “some (former engineers) used several USB sticks to download the material”. The cynicism was such that they used AirDrop to transfer the files to their devices. They also used his personal cloud, iCloud, to pursue the information theft.

drop of air

AirDrop, the best way to send files between Apple devices

According to Apple, They detected a former engineer who made a total copy via Time Machine on a personal external drive. The most compelling thing about this is that the names of two former engineers who worked on the dedicated chip team who happened to join Rivos in the fall of 2021 appear.

The purpose of this lawsuit is to prevent disclosure to more companies of the competition, retrieve most of the information and what scope ultimately has this delicate work of stealing information.

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