Apple Card closer to Europe after Apple buys UK company

Apple has acquired a British company that could hit the launch of the Apple Card in Europe.

It’s been almost 3 years since Apple launched its Apple Card in the United States, and despite rumors, the Apple Credit Card still hasn’t left its native country. The main problem, at least in Europe, is that Apple must obtain a series of certificates to be able to act as a bank and offer credits to users, and this could have been solved by now after buying Credit Kudosa UK open banking start-up.

Apple has not made the purchase of this entity official, but on the Terms of Service page of the Credit Kudos website, which was updated on March 21, it should be noted that the company is a subsidiary of Apple. Also, clicking on the privacy policy redirects us to the Apple website. A reliable source said the startup is valued at about 150 million dollarsbut we don’t know what Apple paid.

iPhone next to Apple Card

The Apple Card could soon reach more countries

The block says he has contacted Apple to confirm the purchase, but the company has not commented, responding with a “Apple buys small tech companies from time to time, and we don’t usually discuss our purpose or plans”.

Will we soon see the Apple Card in Europe?

Does this mean the Apple Card will soon be launched in the UK and Europe? No. However, it is true that with this acquisition we are a little closer to seeing it in a future. The operation of credit cards in the United States and Europe is quite different, so it is not easy for Apple to make this decision.

Apple card in the wallet

The Apple Card is getting closer to Europe

After its launch in 2019, the Apple Card has been confirmed as one of the best ways to buy Apple devicesbecause the company returns between 1% and 3% of purchases in an Apple Store.

However, this is mainly due to the high fees to be paid by merchants on credit card transactions in the United States, a lower rate in Europe.

The Apple Card is considered an elite card, but it’s not a benefit, it’s a problem

To have sense that Apple is starting in the UK to expand the Apple Card, however you will need to do this with a different model than the US one. Of course, this model will be much easier to export to other European countries. We’ll see if the company makes any announcements in the coming weeks.

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