Apple could rely on Samsung to manufacture the M2 chip


Samsung will continue to be tied to Apple and help build Apple Silicon’s next generation, the M2 chip.

According to new information from ET News, those of Cupertino continue to work on what will be the M2 chip but now we know that there is strong support. Samsung has joined the manufacture of the next generation of Apple’s entry-level chip.

Apple’s M2 chip will have Samsung’s involvement in its manufacture

Specific, What will the South Korean company bring to the Apple chip? They are essentially power supplies for the spherical grid network called “flip chip”, known by the abbreviation FC-BGA. The last piece is a printed circuit board used to connect the semiconductor chip to the main substrate which brings the chip to life.


Apple could present the M2 chip at the end of 2022

Remember that Apple Silicon chips are made exclusively by TSMC, in addition to making those for the iPhone and future devices like an iPhone 15. Why is Samsung going to step in? Inside the chip come components from various suppliers. Particleboard is supplied by two companies, Ibiden and Unmicron. somehow, Apple still depends on certain manufacturers and suppliers in terms of components. For what Samsung is a company that will continue to be tied to one of Apple’s chips.

A work that took time, since the launch of the M1 chip

Going through the info line, Samsung is adamant about supplying the PCB. And not only that, ET News reports that they are collaborating closely on a development project to complete whatever is needed.

Samsung Electronics, a

Finally, the report reproduces data cited by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Those of Cupertino started the development of the M2 chip just after the introduction of the first Apple Silicon chip. It is absolutely true that **Apple is already in testing **with at least 9 Macs with 4 variants of M2 (Normal, Pro, Max and Ultra).

The strongest candidate for the entry-level M2 chip launch is the much-rumoured redesigned MacBook Air.

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