Apple ID can no longer be recharged from a Qiwi account. How to pay in the App Store from Russia now

Starting today, May 6, recharge Apple ID via Qiwi No more. This decision was made by Apple. In fact, the introduction of this restriction was indirectly clear a few days ago, when Qiwi added large banners to its website and app with a call to pour money into the App Store as soon as possible. , because soon such an opportunity may no longer be staying. But, of course, no one attached importance to this, perceiving the alert of an attempt by Qiwi to make more transactions. But in reality it turned out to be much more prosaic.

App store

It is no longer possible to recharge the App Store account with Qiwi


That restore Apple ID from Qiwi account is no longer possible, said the payment service itself. He confirmed that it is no longer possible to purchase an Apple-initiated recharge gift code. However, Qiwi clarified that these difficulties are temporary and that the service is working on restoring function. iTunes and App Store Refills.

Qiwi disconnected from app store

Warning: the notice on the possible disconnection of Qiwi from the App Store has been suspended for several days

It’s obvious that disable qiwi happened due to the fact that more and more users from Russia began to turn to this method recharge your app store accounts. Many thought that Apple wouldn’t touch it, because it was completely illogical to wait so long. But, apparently, in Cupertino, they adhere to their own logic, which prompted them to turn off Qiwi right now.


Despite the fact that replenishment with Qiwi no longer works, Russian users still have at least two options available recharge your apple id.

How to pay in the App Store with your phone

The first way – pay from phone number. At the moment, the App Store only supports 5 mobile operators: Megafon, MTS, Yota, Beeline and Tele2. Their carriers can top up their accounts by simply associating numbers with an Apple ID.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone;
  • Open your profile tab at the top;
  • Select the “Payment and delivery” tab here;

Link your phone number to your Apple ID and the money from the purchase will be deducted

  • Click on “Add payment method” and select “Mobile phone”;
  • Enter your phone number and click submit.

After binding the phone number, all transactions in the App Store and iTunes will be deducted from his account. However, this will only happen if the Apple ID account there is no amount already paid. If there is, it will be spent first, and only then payments will be made from the phone number.

How to Transfer Money to an Apple ID Account

The second method is more of an offshoot of the first. True, it is most likely focused on those who use the services of operators who do not support payment in the app store. The method lies in the fact that the subscriber of a compatible operator can send money to a user who himself cannot replenish his account in this way.

This is how it works:

  • Launch the App Store and open your profile;
  • Click on “Send gift card by e-mail”;

You can send money as a gift to anyone

  • Enter the recipient’s email address and select the gift amount;
  • Then specify the date of sending the gift and click on “Send”.

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When the gift arrives, the recipient will receive an email. That is why it is important to specify it without errors so that the gift card is not mistaken.

  • Open the email with the gift card;
  • Click “Use Now” and restore the iTunes Store if you previously deleted it;

The money you receive can be spent by yourself or you can send it to someone else.

  • Use the code sent to you and click on “Reload account”;
  • You can now spend the money received for any purchase in the App Store or iTunes.

Important clarification: to accept a gift, your device must have iTunes Store appwithout it, nothing will work. But even if everything went well for you, don’t flatter yourself. Mobile-Review editor Eldar Murtazin said that soon Apple will also disable these methods of replenishing an Apple ID account.

Of course, we can say that there is still, where you can buy itunes gift cards. But, firstly, the cards themselves are sold there for more than face value (a card for 1000 rubles costs 1400), and, secondly, it is possible that this shop will soon be closed, prohibiting Russians to activate restocking keys at all.