Apple is preparing a new hit. What we know about the iPad 10

The most popular model of all Range of Apple tablets is precisely Basic iPad. The one with big frames around the screen and home button in which is integrated touch id sensor. Due to its price and excellent workmanship, this device has won a large number of fans around the world. What a long walk. This text is typed on such a seventh generation tablet. The tenth anniversary generation is expected this year. Classic iPads. A fairly substantial update to the model is in preparation for its release in Cupertino.

The regular iPad continues to be the top choice in Apple’s tablet lineup.


For the first time in many years, the design of the tablet will be radically revised. Apple want to make the entire line look the same except for a few moments. Let’s see what’s new in store for us iPad 10.

iPad 10 2022

We might expect stereo speakers in a regular iPad.

As I stated above, I am a user Regular iPad 7. It is from him that I do most of my work. He accompanies me wherever I go. Now, for me, this tablet is an almost perfect device with no major downsides. In a separate article I explained why Basic iPad is currently the best choice for anyone who wants to buy such a device. But lately there has been a desire to upgrade to a newer version.

And now the first details have begun to appear about the direction in which the most cheap apple tablets. To iPad 10 plans to drastically change the design. The shape of the device body will become similar to the current shape iPad Pro and ipad air. However Home button with Touch ID sensor will stay. Therefore, it can be said that new iPad 10 will become more like first iPadreleased in 2010. Only the back will be straight, with no bulge.

The very first iPad also had straight edges and a home button below the screen. But the back was not straight.


Many hoped that the tablet would receive buttonless frameless design under the screen. But then the choice ipad air for many, this will make no sense. After all, the tablets will become similar to each other like two drops of water. Furthermore, it should be noted that iPad 10 the last of the line will receive a domed camera. Therefore, now without a cover it will not work to regularly put it on the table. The body size of the new iPad will be 248 x 179 x 6.98mm. If we compare it with the dimensions of the current generation – 250 x 174 x 7.5 mm, we can conclude that the dimensions of the device will not change much.

As for the appearance, no other changes are planned in the tablet. The rectangular edges will allow you to integrate the new product perfectly into the current line iPad. I hope sooner or later Apple still decide to make him the same frame as in iPad Pro or at least ipad air.

iPad 10 Specifications

Due to the new shape of the case, the old accessories will have to be abandoned.

As for the characteristics that will receive iPad 10are all quite positive. The tablet will be equipped with a processor Apple A14 bionicwhich is installed in series iPhone 12. Its performance will suffice for most tasks for many years. It is unlikely that someone will fully charge Basic iPad. For some heavy operations, it is always worth using iPads on M1 processor. Their performance margin is much greater. BUT Regular iPads are primarily used for content consumption. Or, like me, to work with text.

What classic iPad users have been waiting for long enough is USB-C connector. With it, you can connect external drives to the tablet and transfer data at normal speed. Admittedly, there is Flash Drives for Lightning, but the read and write speed due to the outdated connector is quite low. If you reject, for example, some videos on a tablet, then Flash will hurt a lot.


Unfortunately, it is not visible on the renders 3.5mm jack for headphones. It can be concluded that the last fortress has fallen, and Standard iPad also left without this connector. Like many others, I long ago ditched wired headphones with a smartphone, but when using a tablet it was handy. Of course, no one will suffer and cry about it. Wireless headphones are already, in my opinion, everyone.

Stage Manager will give you more options to interact with your device. But its appearance on a regular iPad is highly unlikely.

There is only one question for this tablet today: will it support Manager of iPadOS 16. Since Apple has postponed the release of the new operating system for at least a month, we might have a little surprise, and it will launch on basic tablets. The probability of this, of course, is very small, but I would like to believe that Apple will be able to optimize the feature to enable it on tablets with A-series processors. At least on new ones.

At the moment there is no information on the price. It is possible that from $329 it will increase to $349. But if for this money they give us Manager, then I will be at the forefront of those running to upgrade to a new device. Unfortunately, prices in Russia for this device obviously will not be low. iPad 9 64 GB without a SIM card can now be purchased for 35,000 rubles. If the tenth generation is even 40,000 rubles, then it will be a great achievement. And these are the prices of gray imports. With the parallel, it will be an order of magnitude higher.