Apple lowers the price of the iPhone 13 on its official site (but not in your country)

Apple has made a historic decision: to offer a direct discount on its iPhone in the Apple Store.

History: Apple lowers the price of the iPhone 13 on its official site (but not in your country)

Apple is a company that acts by its own rules and your devices do not drop in price in the Apple Store or online store until a replacement comes out. In other words, the iPhone 13 was released at a certain price and will not drop until the iPhone 14 is released. However, this rule changed for the first time in history in one of the most important countries for the company.

Apple offers deep discounts on iPhones it sells in China through its official website. Yes direct discountsnot a gift card like the one given on special days.

According to the information, discounts have reached 90 euros on the latest range of iPhone 13, although discounts were also seen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE. And all this despite the fact that sales were still strong in the Asian country.

iPhone 13 Pro max in the Apple Store

Apple offers direct discounts in its store for the first time

Looks like, Smartphone sales in China fell 21.7% during the first half of the year, with a massive decline of the main Chinese phone manufacturers: Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. This caused these brands to react by lowering prices and Apple followed the same strategy.

What this may mean in Apple’s future

We live difficult financial times in many parts of the world and the smartphone market is not selling as much as it did a year ago. Although Apple has managed to remain stable, it is likely that sooner or later this may affect the company’s figures.

Apple Store

There have been discounts on the iPhone in the Apple Store in China

Interestingly, this week it was leaked that the price of the base iPhone 14 would not increase, a decision that could be based on this data economic. If the price of the iPhone goes up, sales will likely drop and Apple won’t make as much money.

Will we see similar discounts in other countries? We never know. Of course, this is an important decision that has never been made before, at least not in recent years. Maybe if sales don’t accompany other parts of the world, Apple will make similar decisions. to improve sales.

There have never been so many Android users switching to iPhone as today

Of course, this is a very important decision which, even if it only lasted a few weeks, must be taken into account for the future of Apple. iPhones have traditionally never dropped in price in the first year, but perhaps that strategy will change in the future.