Apple patents an Apple Pencil compatible with touch gestures


Recognizing user’s grips, multi-presses and swipe gestures will be new for Apple Pencil!

After a four-year hiatus, a Apple Pencil 3rd Generation, capable of performing artistically precise presses and sweeps, could be announced later this year. In a rapidly aging environment, it stands to reason that now is the time for the Apple Pencil 2 to give way to a new generation for the rest of this year, even escorted by the next-generation iPad Pro.

And it is that the United States Patent Office has published a new Apple patent application that describes the possibilities and new sensors for an Apple Pencil, with the possibility of supports user grips, multi-tap and swipe gestures.

artistic tradition

The second-generation Apple Pencil debuted in November 2018 with the basic promise of Double-Tap with the ability to switch between art tools. According to the app’s text, the new stylus “can be used to provide input by contacting a touch surface which, in response to sensing a touch event, generates a signal that can be processed and used by others. .Pencil Components”

He gives as an example that “when a user applies a finger to the case, the stylus can sense the resultant capacitance that is induced in the touch input sensor. Subsequently, the user can lift the finger and the stylus can detect the resultant capacitance or change in capacitance that is induced in the touch input sensor”

This means you’ll be able to bring your finger back into the grip area, and the stylus will interpret it as a touch gesture from the user, which added to the multiple sensing elements along the stylus would generate swipe gestures.

Apple notes that the new Apple Pencil would allow the user to interact via a trackpad, with a pattern that the device translates into command input and grip recognition on the pencil’s body.

the day of discovery

The Apple Pencil was a hit from the start, adding precision and convenience to those who wanted to use their iPad for more creative tasks like illustration or graphic design. But time has passed and the current model is almost five years since its debut in November 2018, which portends a commemorative event as hard to forget as its launch.

As for the questions raised by the new stylus, the strongest answer so far is that the Apple Pencil 3 will be the first to introduce a black option of the notebook, among other possible innovations:

  • Stylus side touch bar type display.
  • New pencil. which detects orientation and movements.
  • Built-in zoom control on the pencil with artistic attributes.
  • Haptic feedback that simulates writing on paper or other textures.

As for the price and based on the evolution of the first model sold at 99 dollars and the second generation which debuted at 129, it could be at or maybe a little more.

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