Apple Pay has been disabled in Russia, but Russian ingenuity cannot be broken

All the friends. Since yesterday Apple Pay does not work in Russia. At all. Certainly not. Just a week ago, we told you about the departure of Visa and Mastercard, and today it is almost impossible to pay with an iPhone. The last ray of hope for Russians was the MIR card, which worked in both the App Store and Apple Pay. However, on March 24, Apple also stopped connecting them. First, the restrictions affected the binding of new bank cards, then the old ones were also deactivated. But you and I understand that there are no hopeless situations, do we? Indeed, it is quite possible to pay for purchases with a smartphone and deactivate Apple Pay not at all an obstacle.

Apple Pay no longer works in Russia. Don’t worry, everything will be fine now.


Apple Pay does not work in Russia

Let’s get you started quickly. From March 10 payment systems Visa and Mastercard temporarily leave Russia. Little by little these cards stop working in the App Store and Apple Pay. Russian users are not very worried, because the shutdown is happening gradually. For many, everything works. In addition, there are MIR cards.

There was hope for MIR cards, but they soon stopped working with Apple Pay.

So the problems start with them. On March 24, Apple shuts down link MIR to Apple Pay. Again, many don’t care, as the national payment system cards are already linked. A little later, the National Payment Card System (NSPK) sends a request to Cupertino with a request to comment on the situation, then it turns out that Apple has completely terminated the contract with the Mir operator. Apple Pay does not work in Russia. Now either Android or plastic cards.

All of us, over the years of using Apple Pay, have become so accustomed to this service that it seems unthinkable to refuse to pay for purchases through a smartphone. And if I tell you that pay with iPhone is it possible without problem? Just enough buy card holder and connect it to your smartphone.

Cheap card holder for iPhone

Here is an extremely simple, but very functional accessory. In fact, it will allow you to pay for all goods at checkout using an iPhone. The algorithm of actions is as follows: buy such a thing, attach it to your iPhone and pay for your purchases with your smartphone no problem.

I particularly liked this option because of its at low price (only 117 rubles) and large capacity. If desired, even wired headphones can be thrown in here. In addition, most users wear silicone cases and have long been accustomed to this material. There are a lot of orders, the product is praised in the comments. I don’t want to take it!

Note 4.9, notice 439, orders 1433.

Why do we need Apple Pay if we have it?

Buy a card holder for iPhone

Transparent case with card holder

If you don’t want to stick anything on your smartphone, there is another option – a case with a card holder. On Aliexpress already so long ago, we just didn’t pay attention to it before, there was nothing to do. in front of you classic transparent case with a small addition in the form of a special card pocket.

In the comments they write that only one card is placed in the case, but we do not need more. Otherwise, the payment may not work. It is convenient that there is a special limiter on top, nothing should fall out. On the protection side, everything is also in order. The edges of the case are slightly convex, which helps protect the screen from drops.

If you want something brighter, the seller also offers color options. Do not hesitate to take purple or yellow. Live looks just awesome. The product has a rating of 4.8, but there are more than 4.5 thousand orders. Want to know more about the case? Look at the reviews, there are tons of them.

Apple Pay has an alternative!

Price: from 85 rubles

Buy an iPhone case

A copy of the Apple Cardholder

I checked the app store today and noticed that the Wallet app had dropped to 1.4. Criticisms of Apple are unflattering. If I were users I wouldn’t come across Cupertino, they took care of us last year. If not, how do you explain MagSafe in iPhone 12 and earlier? Why is this necessary, if not for the cardholder, am I right?

in front of you copy of MagSafe wallet for iPhone. This item is perfect for Apple Pay Alternatives. Buy this accessory, attach it to your iPhone and you’re done. The guys in the comments write that they compared this card holder with the original and it turned out that the magnets in the copy will be more cheerful. In addition, it comes with a magnetic ring. It’s not worth worrying about.

Excellent magnetic card holder. Nothing worse than the original.

Price: from 404 rubles

Buy MagSafe Wallet for iPhone

Подписывайтесь на Сундук Али-Бабы! Здесь только лучшие товары с АлиЭкспресс!

Case with card holder for iPhone

If clear cases aren’t your thing, get this one. And it looks decent, and the map can be cast without issue. A big plus is the protection of the camera (there is a special pad for this) and the absence of fingerprints on the back cover.

The seller offers up to 12 different colors to choose from. If you want simpler – take black or white, if you want more interesting – there is red. Don’t worry about compatibility, there are cases for all iPhone models.

Nice box that does its job well.

Price: from 186 rubles

Buy an iPhone case

Shockproof case with card holder

Someone will say it’s not safe to carry a card in a case. I will answer them – buy such a cover and do not worry. It looks like an ordinary case, but it has a huge advantage – your card will be located inside the back cover and no one will notice it, even if you leave your smartphone somewhere in a cafe. The lid opens quite easily, for this you need to slightly lift it from the left corner.

Don’t worry about the protective properties, the manufacturer claims that shockproof case. The case is compatible with all iPhone models. Product Rating 4.9, Reviews 17, Orders 150.

A true fingerless iPhone case.

Price: from 176 rubles

Buy a shockproof iPhone case

Card holder with holder and MagSafe

I leave the gentlest to the most patient. Here’s a classic MagSafe wallet with a cute bun in the shape of a bracket. With it you can not only pay for purchases with a smartphonebut also watch videos. By the way, the wallet is designed in such a way that you can rotate your smartphone 90 degrees and watch videos in landscape orientation. Regards!

The product rating isn’t the highest, but there’s nothing wrong with the cardholder itself. Some reviews are very surprising. The buyer writes that he was mistaken and in fact the accessory is not leather, but imitation leather. Honestly, I don’t know what he expected for such a price.

I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of Chinese manufacturers.

Price: from 506 rubles

Buy Wallet with iPhone Stand