Apple plans to bring back the 15-inch MacBook

Apple may be bringing back 15-inch laptops, according to a recent report from Display Supply Chain Consultants, which mentions that the company is found working on what appears to be a MacBook Air with the mentioned screen size, as well as in new screen sizes for the iPad. DSCC also mentioned that this new 15-inch device could arrive sometime in 2023. Now, Ming-chi Kuo has provided more specific details on this information, offering a more specific release date and also saying that this laptop will not be precisely an Air model.

As the analyst commented on his Twitter account, the 15-inch MacBook could go into mass production in the fourth quarter of 2023. Therefore, the company will not announce this model until the end of next year. We must also take into account that production dates can vary considerably depending on different factors. Among them are the supply problems derived from the shortage of semiconductors.

Kuo, on the other hand, suggests that the 15-inch MacBook Air that Display Supply Chain Consultants is talking about might not be called MacBook Air. Currently, Apple has only two names for its laptops. On the one hand, the MacBook Air, which stands out for being a cheaper and more balanced device in terms of performance. On the other, the MacBook Pro, with more advanced specs for business users. Apple also used the “Macbook” nomenclature for some models that fell somewhere between the Air line and the Pro line, so it wouldn’t be odd if the company picked up that name.

Finally, the analyst also comments that this 15-inch MacBook would arrive with the 30W power adapter which includes the MacBook Air, despite the fact that this screen size leads to higher power consumption. The current MacBook Pro, remember, incorporates a 67W adapter in the case of the 14-inch model. The 16 inch version comes with a 140W.